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FREE GUIDED MEDITATION - Blood Moon, Super Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

As we approach this special full moon, lunar eclipse today, on the 31st January 2018, I felt guided to offer a free recorded meditation and share my insight around how this particular cosmic event has been affecting us.

Scroll down to the bottom for details on how to listen to this FREE recording.

Lily and I usually like to host a meditation night in person, at our sacred space in Tugun. But with other commitments around this time it wasn't possible, so instead I've recorded this event to help support us all through this very powerful lunar portal.

With two full moons this month, it's been an intense start to 2018. Here's some of the symptoms you may have been experiencing over this past month or so:

  • Feeling extra sensitive in your emotions;

  • Close relationships being triggered to heal unresolved issues;

  • Feeling very tired in the physical body and low immunity;

  • Feeling quite altered in your reality, like you're in a big energy bubble that's just waiting to burst;

  • Sleep disturbed or unable to feel completely rested;

  • Fears coming up for recognition and resolution;

  • Anxiety and over-thinking or getting stuck in the lower mental planes;

  • Pain surfacing - both physical, emotional and also possibly mental pain too;

  • Your limitations and restrictions being pushed right into your face at this time.

You see, 2018 is a master number in numerology - it's an 11 year.

This year we are being granted an opportunity and support from the Universe like none other. We can make significant leaps and strides in our life and spirituality this year, if we embrace the changes that are occurring.

But in order for us to embrace this year of opportunity, it's like the God/Goddess and Universe said 'Right, let's clean out the closest and all those deepest inner fears/limitations/pain that has kept you stuck until this point'. That's why we've potentially been feeling those things listed above.

Why, because we have to purify and cleanse, before we can embrace the new, refined, higher codes of Light, expansion and new realities in our life. That's the way of Transference - decode the old, lower, limiting ways to then be able to encode the new, higher, refined frequencies.

This meditation I felt very blessed to feel the presence of Ascended Master Mary Magdalene working with us, and supporting the healing and releasing of pain and fear, for the rebirth into our new identities.

She holds the lineage of the Goddess and feminine principle teachings, and supports all those who wish to embrace the Goddess teachings and Mysteries more in their lives.


Above - the alter I set up in honour of the lunar eclipse energies, holding the Goddess & Lunar energies in support of purification, healing and transformation.

Moss Agate Bowl Holy Water

Above - Moss Agate crystal bowl holding sacred water drawn from the Glastonbury 'White Spring' in Somerset, England. For the cleansing and purification of all old emotions allowing the crystallisation & refinement process of the emotional body.

Above - Amethyst sphere assisting in the activation of the Divine Violet Flame for transmutation of all lower energies. Red candle in honour and connection to St Mary Magdalene, the vessel of the Goddess teachings.


(please enter the above password in capitals to access this recording)

Tip: Don't worry if you can't listen today on the 31st January, whenever you listen you will still receive the healing frequencies and wisdom of this powerful evening.

Blessings on your rebirth through this powerful lunar portal.

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

(frequency healing & ascension facilitator for the rebirth into the 5th dimension)

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