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The Surprising Benefits of Receiving Regular Transference Healing® Sessions

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Transference Healing session

Why Frequency Healing Is Now Necessary

'Transference Healing® is a relatively new frequency healing and ascension modality. Alexis Cartwright, the channel, anchor and founder of this modality foresaw a time when humanity would transition from the 3rd dimension, into a 5th dimensional reality (1999-2012). We are now living in this 5th dimensional reality and humanity will now over the next 1,000 years or so, anchor and perfect their Lightbody and Christbody systems.'

'Transference Healing is a new vibrational healing modality of very pure and high frequency. It is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. As it works with the technology and resources of energy, light and matter, this system unites science with Spirit.'

(Alexis Cartwright - Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed)

To achieve and maintain wellness we must regularly purify, shift the frequency of the body, and awaken consciousness.

Frequency healing is now so vital because we are becoming more crystalline in nature (5th dimensional reality), and therefore need healing systems that can work with the totality of our energetic and physical makeup. Transference Healing is unique in this regard, as it delves deeply into the etheric/physical body. It recodes DNA so we can manifest our crystalline body, integrate the Lightbody, and also raise our consciousness.

So what are the surprising benefits of starting to receive regular Transference Healing sessions?

In fact even 1 healing session starts to initiate the following...

1. You Start to Feel More 'Lightness'

A healing session starts to integrate and encode more 'Light' from the Universe and Mother Gaia into your whole Being. Through psychic awareness, this looks like the cells/atoms radiating more Light. Like turning up the dimmer switch on a light bulb, the cells begin to hold and radiate more Light.

When you see someone who holds this heightened level of 'Light', it feels like they glow, or have this radiance of positivity around them.

Enlightenment does not only occur in the mind or consciousness, but also in the body. This is the essence of alchemy and the key to immortality. - Alexis Cartwright.

What this means is that we don't just become enlightened through the mind or consciousness. Enlightenment is raising the vibration of the whole body so that you become a vessel of pure Light. Literally your cells and atoms glow like a radiant sun. You actually start feeling lighter in your body, and feel this inner radiance that others will start to notice in you.

2. A New Reality Births & Seeing The Bigger Picture In Your Life

Freedom - on top of Mountain

Each time you receive a healing session, you make a shift of consciousness. Over time, you start to birth a whole new reality. Imagine your biggest dreams and pure desires. What if there was a way to start manifesting this more into your life? Well there is. Through regular healing sessions, you start to let go of old patterns, belief systems and lower vibrations, so that you start encoding more Love, Light, Joy and Expansion into your day to day life.

What happens when you start making a shift of consciousness? You start to also see the 'bigger picture' in life. You start to see the reasons why circumstances play out in your life. Even so-called 'negative' or challenging circumstances are there to teach you something. When you receive a healing session, your Healing Practitioner can help you to see the bigger picture of the why, and how this affects you.

What's interesting is that when you see this bigger picture, the mind can actually relax a little, and not get caught up in the stress so much. When you know why something is happening, it gives you more strength and understanding to move through the circumstances. It can also bring more wisdom to circumstances, and allow you to shift your perception and response to events that play out, all for the better.

3. Heal Your Heart & Emotions (For More Peace & Joy)

Transference Healing works intimately with the heart and emotions. The heart is actually the master chakra that delegates all healing and expansion of consciousness, and wellness within the body.

Heart dis-ease is actually the biggest cause of death worldwide. Whilst modern medicine focuses on the physical aspects of this, actually it's the more complex interaction of emotions and overall consciousness that delegate heart health.

Suppression and control are the biggest reasons why humanity suffers so much physical symptoms on a heart level! We suppress or bury painful emotions and events in our life, because they are too much to bear, and this in turn creates dis-ease eventually on a physical level.

Transference Healing sessions start to heal pain held within the heart and the emotions. Through it's gentle, but powerful frequencies, it begins to heal and dissolve pain on the emotional plane, which allows a gentle release of energy throughout the whole body. Resolution can be found, and positive emotional growth obtained.

We don't realise how much emotional pain we all carry within. When we start to heal this, sometime magical starts to occur. You start to:

  • feel more happiness and contentment within;

  • feel lighter in your emotions, and less overwhelmed by stressful situations in life;

  • birth higher emotions of Love, Joy, Compassion;

  • have more Faith and Trust in the Universe and Life;

4. Heal Your Mind & Mental Plane For More Inner Peace & Clear Consciousness

Mental Clarity & 3rd Eye Consciousness

Do you realise how much stress and anxiety you can carry in the mind? Mental issues and mental health are such a big problem in our modern world. This is intricately linked with the heart and emotions, and Transference Healing can help heal and create a beautiful unfolding of mental/emotional balance.

A healing session can help to release and dissolve mental pain, stress and anxiety. We can even carry mental pain, thought patterns and belief systems from our family genetic line, or even past lives.

The great thing about Transference Healing, is that it transcends all boundaries of space and time, and can therefore access all timelines, creating a truly holistic healing. Through a state of surrender, you can start to release mental pain, and gain more clarity, peace of mind, and balance on the mental levels.

Imagine leaving a session feeling calm in the mind, open to new ideas and solutions in life, and positive. A healing session can create an instant shift of consciousness that is truly magical and profound.

5. Heal On A Physical Level (Create More Overall Wellness In Your Life)

We actually heal a lot on the physical plane, and the body is the vehicle to help us raise our consciousness. We can experience a lot of lightbody symptoms or dis-ease on this level. Regular healing sessions start to heal, clear and release density within the body, cells and atoms.

This starts to create new levels of wellness, which over time can reduce the need for modern medicine, or even alternative care. We actually have the resources to heal through Nature and the Universe, if we know how to tap into this unlimited and profound healing source. Transference Healing is a modality that has the technology, resources and wisdom to help you tap into the healing powers of Nature.

6. Awaken Your Gifts & Talents, Higher Self & Soul

Through Transference Healing, you can start to awaken your gifts and talents, understanding the bigger picture of why you are here on Earth, and your unique mission. You start to access more of your Higher Self, which means you start to make decisions in life that align more with your life purpose, and nourish your Soul. You start to awaken more of your Soul Self, that accumulation of experiences and wisdom from all of your past lives.

When you align to your Soul Self, your life takes on a deeper meaning, you are in tune with your truth, and call to you, the experiences and reality that makes your whole Being sing with joy. You are in alignment with Creator, and co-creating your Golden Age on Earth.


The above are just some of the benefits of regular healing sessions. Over time, you start to:

  • radiate more Light, Love and Compassion.

  • feel and experience the flow of life, with more ease and grace in your reality.

  • feel more balanced in life, not getting so stressed or anxious like you used to. New opportunities start to come in.

  • manifest your Higher Self and 5th Dimensional Reality (a more crystalline and expanded state of Reality and Living)


About Andrew

Andrew - Transference Healing Practitioner

Andrew has been a Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher for over 9 years now. Through his own spiritual journey, he has come to see and feel the awesome benefits and positive change Transference Healing can create in ones life.

'Imagine being able to instantly shift and purify your whole body & consciousness. Consistently create expanded awareness, peace, wellness and balance within your life?'

'Through Transference Healing this is exactly what I've been able to create in my own life. I rarely get sick now, and when the body is clearing energy or manifesting symptoms, I see the bigger picture of why it's occurring.'

'My reality and dream life manifests more and more each day as I come to once again see the perfection and beauty of Life and the Universe.'

'Do you wish to create profound change and spiritual growth in your life? Come and experience the power and purity of a Transference Healing session, and what it can create in your life.'

To find out more about experiencing a Transference Healing frequency session, contact Andrew:

Via email or

Call 0435 624 951.

Cost: $135 AUD

Duration: 1.5 - 2hrs

You receive: 7th-dimensional frequency healing session, channelled reading & Lightbody Essence.

(For distance healings you also receive Skype session, MP3 recording & Lightbody essence sent by post)

Andrew offers both private healing sessions from the seaside location of Tugun, Gold Coast, or for those not local, distance healing sessions with a Skype follow up no matter where you are located in the world.


Alexis Cartwright is the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing modality. This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd – ACN 121 645 047.

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