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Space Clearing & Home Healing/Energy Cleanse
Gold Coast & Surrounds

House Clearing Healing Service

Sacred Healing & Space Clearing for your Home/Environment

Would you like to bring more peace, balance and Lightness into your home or environment?

Just as we spring clean our house physically, it is also important to regularly 'energetically' cleanse our homes & work environments. By doing this we release any built up negativity or old emotional/thought energy that can become stuck in our space.

Ancient cultures such as the Native Americans and First Nations peoples understood the importance of ceremony and 'energetic' cleansing through the use of sacred resins and herbs such as sage. This practise would not only cleanse a person energetically, but also objects and spaces.

Here at Ethereal Alchemy we regularly practise the art of ceremony and daily smudging of the home and sacred spaces. This helps to uplift the environment and energy of the home, to allow for a more Light-filled and loving space. When the home is purified, the occupants feel more at ease, heart-centred and in a space of joy. The Light from Mother Gaia and the Universe can also more effectively filter into your location creating more abundance and flow in all aspects of your life.

A space clearing ceremony is usually done on-site (although remote sessions can also be done - see below).

Investment: $240 AUD


2.5 - 3hr session

Payment plan also available (Paypal Pay in 4) - see below

Resin Space Clearing

On-site Space Clearing (Home or Business Healing)

Gold Coast, Tweed, Mt Tamborine & Surrounds

At the start, smudging using sage or resin is performed throughout the whole house. This helps to start lifting the energies in your environment. Then, a sacred Circle of Fire ceremony is performed. This helps to lift old astral energies that have accumulated, and to release any negativity that may be impacting your home. This ceremony also helps to release any karmic ties and unresolved emotional energies from the home and family unit. It also helps to call in the elements of nature to help 'grid' your home into a higher vibration.

Following on from this, a full Transference Healing session is performed on the house and family unit. This continues to create a healing response in your home (or other space such as a work environment). The healing starts to anchor in higher frequencies of Light, lifting the vibration of your home and creating a more peaceful space.

Once the full Transference Healing is completed, a channelled reading will be provided, giving insight into the healing changes that have occurred, and how you can continue to support the new frequencies in your home.

This powerful combined shamanic, smudging and healing ritual can also assist those who are experiencing strange 'energies' or spiritual occurrences in their home. There are many reasons why there may be strange or unknown spiritual or energetic experiences in the home, and this session helps to support the clearing, lifting of energy and bringing your home and self back into balance so that any distortions or residues of energy can be cleared and shifted into the 'Light.'

What's Included? -

* Resin/smudge your entire house/office or other space

* Sacred Circle of Fire shamanic healing ceremony

* Full Transference Healing on your home/family unit

* Channelled reading once the healing is complete

Or pay with Paypal below & if eligible, 'Paypal Pay in 4' interest free payments

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