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Full Advanced Transference Healing Session

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.


It works with well over 50 different healing procedures to weave through a cohesive, effective and uplifting session that creates new levels of health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual expansion in your reality.

Some of the procedures worked with include -


  • Clearing and protection;

  • Centering the inner mind;

  • Clearing karmic pain and working with karmic relationships;

  • Opening and healing the heart, heart-mastery and working on the emotional plane;

  • Etheric healing and tapping into the deepest dimensions of the multi-dimensional self, including cellular and atomic levels;

  • Past life aspects and healing past-life pain or wounding;

  • Balancing the electromagnetic and magnetic 'lines of force' within your energy field;

  • Chakra and gland procedures to clear, balance and align;

  • Etheric or psychic surgery;

  • Clearing and healing grief and heart-pain or suppression;

  • Mental pain release and stem cell procedures;

  • Alchemy and alchemical symbols weaving through healing via sacred geometry and holographic templates;

  • DNA activation, healing & encoding higher DNA strands;

  • Crystal healing & working with crystal properties and essences for specific healing responses;

  • Shamanic healing via the Transference Healing Animal Magic deck;

  • Crystal cross which holds the technology of the Global Grid Matrix to create pure alchemy;

  • Optional procedures include - 

    • Clearing past abuse on any level either in this life-time or past;

    • Dragon Power to connect you with the mythical dragons for spiritual empowerment and aligning to Divine Will;

    • Dragon Power can also counteract negativity, projection and even psychic attack;

    • Star of David - a profound healing procedure that filters Light into your Being & activates your 'Lightbody';

    • Connecting with Ascended Masters and the Rays of the Universe for Initiation and Divine Healing;

    • Merkabah procedure which helps you connect into parallel dimensions and supports the mastering of the Lightbody & Lightbody travel


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    What will you experience?

    Every person has their own unique experience in a healing session, so no two healings are the same, ever! Some of the things you might experience in a healing include -

    • Feeling more relaxed, sleepy or going into a deep state of consciousness between waking and sleep state;

    • Noticing emotions or thoughts coming to your awareness to be resolved, healed and released;

    • Different sensations in the physical body as the healing procedures create alchemical change, including heat/cold, light/heavy, or even old injuries or pain arising gently as the body helps to clear and release old blockages;

    • Colours, visions or sounds in your minds eye as you relax and attune through your non-physical senses;

    • A feeling of peace or bliss as you feel, sense or connect with Beings of Light that support your healing;

    • Realisations and wisdom coming through helping you to see situations and concerns in a new light;

    • Plus much more...


    How is the Session Facilitated?

    There is no physical contact of the body during a healing, with all procedures run 'energetically' as I sit across from you in the healing room. The healing is done seated and in a safe, sacred and 'templated' space. This means the room is cleared and lifted in it's energy before the session to enable the highest frequencies and healings to come through for you.

    As there is no physical contact, and because Transference Healing works on such a high-frequency level, tapping into the unseen dimensions, it means that receiving a healing in-person or via distance healing is just as effective. At this level of healing, it transcends time and space and delves into the hidden and mystical forces of Nature and our Universe to create powerful and tangible results.

    Distance or Absentee Healing (and absentee Group Healings)

    These sessions are facilitated from the comfort of your own home. You may choose to consciously tune in, and receive the healing at the appointed time. Or alternatively, you can go about your day as normal as the healing intelligence of this session will 'download' the healing at an appropriate time for you. Sometimes this is when we speak over the phone with the follow-up call as I channel the healing reading and wisdom for you.

    What you receive in a Full, Advanced Transference Healing® Session

    (Alchemy & Lightbody Healing)

    This is a 1.5 - 2hr healing session that works with your multi-dimensional nature & Lightbody to create effective healing, a shift in consciousness and raising your vibration.

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