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Put simply, it is the vehicle which connects our physical, human self, to our true spiritual nature. It is the body of light which is formed of sacred geometry and higher frequencies and particles of Light.


It is our bridge and connection from our human existence, back to our Divine Source or origins.


When you start a process of evolution in your consciousness (which Transference Healing supports), you can start to anchor aspects of your Lightbody, which enables the physical or human self to hold and sustain more Light.




As we anchor more of our Lightbody, the Merkabah or Merkabah technology, begins to come more into manifestation. The Merkabah is represented by the sacred geometric symbol of the star tetrahedron, or two 3 dimensional pyramids, one facing upwards, and the other downwards.


It is a rotating field of light which enables us to break through the limitations of space and time, allowing us to experience our multi-dimensional Selves, and connect through into multi-dimensional realities.


Transference Healing and working with the Lightbody


To achieve and maintain wellness at this time we need to regularly clear, realign, recode and balance all of our energetic bodies and also work with supporting the anchoring and integration of the Lightbody system.  The lightbody work, unified with other etheric procedures to create a frequency and ascension healing modality, is what makes Transference Healing® so unique.


Transference Healing® shifts the frequency in the body and filters light into the sub-atomic dimensions of the body for the anchoring process of the Lightbody system, and in parallel, continually shifts us into higher levels of frequency and consciousness to create a more empowered state of Mastership.  Frequency healing helps us achieve alignment, balance, holistic wellness and spiritual empowerment to obtain a form of enlightenment.


Transference Healing® also works within the multi-dimensional levels of the etheric/physical anatomy. It supports a genetic clearing process and recoding of the DNA, as well as clearing distortions within the vibrational plane of the body so that one can sustain more emotional and physical wellness to enhance personal and spiritual growth. On a parallel level, it also works with the electromagnetic and magnetic dimensions of the etheric body to support the integration of the new Lightbody system to enhance spiritual growth and self empowerment.


This new form of frequency healing, Transference Healing®, is now necessary because we are at a vital time in our evolutionary and ascension process. This form of healing was once used on Earth when the Earth and our dimension as a whole was suspended within the light and our existence at that time was more ethereal, during the time when Lemuria and Atlantis still existed.  It has re-manifested as a new way of healing as the Earth once more begins to ascend into the higher dimension in which the elements resonate more on an electromagnetic level and sustain more light. The Earth changes are in turn creating more changes within the compounds of all the elements as it ascends into the 5th dimension.

What is the Lightbody and how is it worked with in Transference Healing®

"The Lightbody is a body that sustains higher frequencies of elements and light on a sub-atomic level. It exhibits superluminal emanations that are crystalline and ethereal in nature. Sustained within a 6th dimensional holographic matrix, it is of a higher evolutionary state of manifestation" - Alexis Cartwright

Lightbody Flower of Life
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