Group Healing Events

What is a Group (Mass) Healing?

A group healing event can be attended either in person or absentee (nb: current events are absentee/online only until further notice). It is an opportunity to receive an alchemical and powerful Full Advanced Transference Healing session, run on the Soul group attending the event.

Not only will you receive a group frequency healing, but information and channelled wisdom is shared during the event to help you embody the frequencies brought through on the night. This includes guided meditations during the event, to help you connect and integrate the energies being brought through.

NB: If you are attending absentee, you may wish to be in a quiet space to 'receive' the healing and energies of the evening. A great way to prepare is to light a candle, have some soothing music on, switch your phone off and any distractions, and allow yourself to be in a relaxed, meditative state. You can also burn sage or use room sprays to help lift the energy in your room, prior to starting.


'Child of Light' Group Healing & Meditation

Thursday 23th April 2020 - $22.22

7pm - 7:45pm (QLD time)

Bookings & payment by Wed 22nd Apr


~ An Opportunity to Experience the Child of Light Healing  ~


Join us for this group healing & meditation as you connect to the beautiful, refined and heart-opening frequencies of the Transference Healing 'Child of Light' session.

Investment: $22.22

Special Offer - over 50% off !

The Transference Healing Child of Light frequencies allow you to connect to our new, higher 5th dimensional grid that has been birthing on the planet since 2012. It also allows you to grid heart-expansive frequencies, love, innocence and trust into your whole Being...helping to heal the Inner Child and awaken your inner 'Child of Light.'


When we can return to a child-like state of innocence, sensitivity and trust, we heal and embody greater levels of heart-consciousness and faith in our lives.

This healing & meditation will support you to:


  • heal painful emotions, including grief and fear of life (living fully) which is being triggered by the current pandemic;

  • 'ground' your energies into Mother Earth, to support the birthing of more trust, inner peace and faith at these times of rapid change and upheaval;

  • balance your 'lines of force' which are the energetic 'ley lines' within your energetic makeup that support wellness, physical structural balance and aligned connection with the Earth's ley lines;

  • heal and open the heart, to allow a deeper birthing of love, trust and fuller expression of your true emotional Self;

  • Aligning to the astrological influence of 'Chiron' the planet of healing, to support healing and integration of frequencies that support your wellness and spiritual evolution here on Earth.

You will receive:


  • 'Child of Light' Transference Healing, run on the Group (performed on you prior to the Event) - initiating alchemical change for your healing & expansion;

  • This healing will be run at 12pm AEST Thursday 23rd April. I will call in all participants absentee, and facilitate a distance healing for the group. You may choose to tune in at this time, however it is not compulsory as the healing 'download' will come through when you listen to the online meditation later at 7pm.

  • 'Child of Light' Meditation and channelled reading/feedback from the group healing. This will help shift your consciousness, align you to the Light and bring you back into your heart-centre so that you can feel more at peace.

  • Online meditation available from 7pm Thursday 23rd April. This will be pre-recorded so that you can join the group at this time, or alternatively listen back later if you are not free at 7pm.



'Child of Light' Group Healing & Meditation

Thursday 23th April 2020 - $22.22

7pm - 7:45pm (QLD time)

Bookings & payment by Wed 22nd Apr


Online Event & Recording


Once you have paid, you will receive an email confirming your spot at our group healing event within 24hrs.

(or UK bank details)

Please email me for details using the link below

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Queensland, 4224

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Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.