Group Healing Events

What is a Group (Mass) Healing?

A group healing event can be attended either in person or absentee. It is an opportunity to receive an alchemical and powerful Full Advanced Transference Healing session, run on the Soul group attending the event.

Not only will you receive a group frequency healing, but information and channelled wisdom is shared during the event to help you embody the frequencies brought through on the night. This includes guided meditations during the event, to help you connect and integrate the energies being brought through.

NB: If you are attending absentee, you may wish to be in a quiet space to 'receive' the healing and energies of the evening. A great way to prepare is to light a candle, have some soothing music on, switch your phone off and any distractions, and allow yourself to be in a relaxed, meditative state. You can also burn sage or use room sprays to help lift the energy in your room, prior to starting.


11:11 Portal - Activating Your Lightbody

Monday 11th November 2019 - $55

6:30pm - 8pm (QLD time)

Bookings & payment by Sun 10th Nov


~ A Powerful Portal of Ascension ~


Join us on this special day to absorb the stellar Light Codes from the Archangelic & Higher Realms of Light.

For the activation of your dormant DNA codes, Lightbody & Merkabah technology.

Allow your body & consciousness to attune to this 'activation' of Christ Consciousness through this Portal.

Investment: $55

If there is only 1 activation and meditation event you attend this year, make sure it's this one!

This is a powerful time of year, the 11:11 gateway - an opportunity to align and absorb the higher, stellar frequencies of Light that are gifted to humanity through the Realms of Light.


This powerful gateway opens once a year. It's an opportunity for us to remember our true Divine Nature & encode Light for the activation and further anchoring of our Lightbody.

Do you often see 11:11? When you see this, it's a reminder to acknowledge your Divinity. It's compelling you to have faith, believe in yourself and follow your intuition.

This 11:11 Gateway is a chance to align to the highest, Divine version of Self, to surrender the small i am (ego), and embody the I AM presence (Higher/Divine Self). The Angelic & Archangelic presence feels strong at this time, helping us to wake up and remember our true Divine Nature and step into more personal responsibility regarding our spiritual growth. More and more of us a awakening to our deeper and higher spiritual nature and the holographic and multi-dimensional nature of the Universe. Earth and humanity need you now more than ever to shine your unique Light and embody your gifts and talents to usher in our new 5th-dimensional world. A world of love, peace, abundance and unity.

This is a powerful day, and a powerful activation event - so be prepared to experience change and spiritual initiation in your life. Some may experience purification and the letting go of old energies (including detox symptoms), in order to be cleansed and reborn through 'The Light'. The energy of this day will continue to run over the weeks and months following, assisting you to embody more of your Higher Self. What a Divine opportunity for positive growth!

This event would be great for you to:


  • clear old karma, genetic & cellular pain, and lift old patterning from the body & consciousness;

  • transmute and refine the lower i am (ego), embodying more of your Higher Self, the I AM Presence;

  • activate your 12 strand DNA coding & Lightbody system for the embodiment of higher 'Light Codes' and activation of your Merkabah (an aspect of your multi-dimensional Self);

  • absorb more Unity Consciousness into your Being & reality;

  • step through the sacred gateway for the shift from the 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional reality. This will allow you to anchor more of your Higher & Refined Reality here on Earth & into your life;

  • assist the Earth & Humanity to anchor more Love and Peace onto the planet, being a part of this grand awakening into the Light;

  • align more to the attributes of Christ Consciousness (Unconditional Love, Integrity, Joy, Compassion).


You will receive:


  • Full Advanced Transference Healing run on the Group (performed on you prior to the Event) - initiating alchemical change for your healing & expansion;

  • Channelled Reading on the Group Healing, shared during the Event - for your clarity & insight on your path;

  • Channelled Teachings - wisdom & information that will expand your awareness and broaden your horizons;

  • A series of Guided Meditations - relax your body, soul & mind, allow you to code in higher frequencies of Light.

Energy Healing Practitioner

Tugun, Gold Coast,

Queensland, 4224

This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd  – ACN 121 645 047.

Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.