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Group Healing Events

What is a Group (Mass) Healing?

A group healing event can be attended either in person or absentee (nb: current events are absentee/online only until further notice). It is an opportunity to receive an alchemical and powerful Full Advanced Transference Healing session, run on the Soul group attending the event.

Not only will you receive a group frequency healing, but information and channelled wisdom is shared during the event to help you embody the frequencies brought through on the night. This includes guided meditations during the event, to help you connect and integrate the energies being brought through.

NB: If you are attending absentee, you may wish to be in a quiet space to 'receive' the healing and energies of the evening. A great way to prepare is to light a candle, have some soothing music on, switch your phone off and any distractions, and allow yourself to be in a relaxed, meditative state. You can also burn sage or use room sprays to help lift the energy in your room, prior to starting.

Jun Mass Healing
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