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Animal Magic Workshop

This magical and powerful one-day workshop teaches you how to work with the Transference Healing® Animal Magic Divination Card Set, channelled and published by Alexis Cartwright. You will also determine your mythical totem animal and learn how to work with the Elemental Kingdom.

You will also be introduced to each of the elemental beings so you can begin integrating their therapeutic qualities in support of your healing and empowerment process.

Shamanic purification procedures are also taught in this workshop, creating an etheric ‘Circle of Fire’. This will enhance divine love and protection, and will support the awakening of your kundalini. This is a powerful shamanic ritual for deep cleansing on all levels. It is also a great ritual to perform to lift and cleanse the energy of your home or work environment.

What you will learn:

  • Make a deeper connection to the Animal Kingdom through the Transference Healing Animal Magic Deck;

  • Learn how the Elemental & Mythical realms support healing & spiritual awakening;

  • 'Circle of Fire' shamanic ritual to powerful cleanse, purify and uplift your energy;

  • Enhance your psychic and intuitive reading abilities.

'Awaken your Inner Shamanic Abilities & Connect to the Sacred Animal Kingdoms'

Pricing & Inclusions

The cost of this training is $700      (resit $200)











  • Animal Magic Training Manual.

  • Animal Magic Tarot Bag containing the tools you need to run a Circle of Fire.

  • 14 x gridding crystals.


  • Selenite wand.

  • White sage stick.



This workshop does not include the Animal Magic Book and Card Set, though it can be purchased separately. This publication will need to be purchased prior to the workshop or on the day of the workshop.

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Anima Magic Workshop

Important: Workshop Booking Policy & Cancellation

Click link above for important information about booking policy, cancellation and the energetic preparation processs when you book in for a Transference Healing Workshop or Training.


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