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Mary Magdalene & the Power of Transference

1 Day Workshop

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Location: Kirra Hill Community Hall, Coolangatta
Date: Sunday 25th July 9am - 4pm (QLD time)

Embrace the powers of the Goddess and Inner Mysteries as we embark on a 1 day spiritual journey connecting with St Mary Magdalene and the Power of Transference.

This workshop is a chance to feel the energetic support of Mary Magdalene, who holds ancient teachings of the Goddess & Priestess Lineages. Receive her wisdom and love as you embrace your own inner mystical powers and awaken more of your inner spiritual awareness.

Enhance your essence of Faith and spiritual connection.

Energy Exchange: $250 AUD

rsvp essential: by Wed 21st July

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Mary Magdalene & The Power of Transference
Mary Magdalene & The Power of Transference
25 July 2021, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST
Gold Coast,
Gold Coast QLD, Australia

Payment Options -

1. Pay in full immediately (click on the Register Now & Details button above & follow the prompts)

2. Pay initial deposit now to confirm, then fnal balance prior to the workshop

Deposit of $90 AUD due upon registration - payment link HERE

(prefer to pay by bank transfer? Please send me an EMAIL)
An email will then be sent with final balance and payment methods shortly before the workshop.

Workshop Date: Sunday 25th July 2021 - 9am to 4pm
Location: Kirra Hill Community Centre, Coolangatta, Gold Coast 

Booking deadlines:

  • Wednesday 21st July

Mary Magdalene holds a lineage of Goddess & Priestess teachings for those who are ready to embrace the inner mysteries of the Feminine Principle. This event is in honour of her Feast Day held on 22nd July.
The Power of Transference relates to the process of surrendering our will at times of spiritual initiation so that we can be transformed, encode higher templates of Light & frequency, and make a rebirth. It’s truly magical!
The spiritual journey is more than just ‘being positive’ and embracing love. We must understand and embrace the dualistic paradigm and have the courage to surrender to the void and hidden, unseen dimensions, in order to evolve. This is often where people get ‘stuck’ or feel challenged on their spiritual journey. However, it is also a revolutionary KEY to ascending the levels of self-mastery and freedom.

What's included in this workshop - 

  • guided, channelled meditations to support your connection with Mary Magdalene & the Powers of Transference;

  • spiritual activations to help you encode her unique frequencies and Light into your body, consciousness & Lightbody & receive healing through the frequencies channelled on this day;

  • you will be suspended in a energetically templated space for the day, allowing you to receive healing and frequency upgrades in body, consciousness, the mind & emotional planes;

  • wisdom & teachings around the process of death/rebirth and how to navigate these initiations when they come through in your life;

  • exercises to help you develop and awaken your inner intuitive, psychic and spiritual awareness.

This workshop would be great for those who –

  • wish to feel a deeper connection with this powerful Goddess;

  • those who are on their spiritual journey and wish to deepen their practise, and understand the initiations that occur, and how to traverse them with more ease & grace. 

  • receive her support and blessings to help you embrace your mystical, intuitive & psychic powers;

  • wish to understand the alchemical process of death/rebirth and how this creates health, spiritual growth and higher consciousness in your life;

  • are in need of a ‘breakthrough’ in your life and wish to clear old, outdated habits, behaviours, thoughts and feelings to feel lighter, more at peace and connected to your spiritual growth.

  • wish to feel more empowered in your own sense of Self & Inner Awareness.

About Your Host 
Andrew is an experienced Transference Healing Practitioner with over 18 year's experience in healing, meditation & imparting higher spiritual teachings & concepts.
By attending this workshop, you will be held in a higher 5th-dimensional space as you receive the teachings, frequencies and wisdom of Mary Magdalene & Transference.

Andrew brings a unique 'masculine' perspective to these Goddess teachings, which are meant to be embraced by both women and men as we balance the Feminine principle within humanity & upon this planet once again.
Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy Transference Healing
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