Create Deep Healing In Your Life & Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Healer, Heal Thyself - Ethereal Alchemy

We are living at such an incredible time on Earth, where it is possible to create a life of abundance & joy. Do you feel that you have such incredible gifts to share with the world, but feel 'stuck' by circumstances in your life, that prevent you from living in absolute joy and living your Truth?

Before we can truly embody our gifts and share these with the world, first we must look within, and heal ourselves and our own inner pain & limitations.


So how do we go about healing ourselves first and foremost, and more importantly, finding the right tools to help us do this?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew and through my spiritual business, Ethereal Alchemy, I help people create deep healing within the body & consciousness, through the ascension modality of Transference Healing®. It was over 7 years ago that I discovered this modality. I always knew there was a bigger picture to life than just working to get by, and dealing with all the usual issues and limitations that can crop up in our lives. Through the years of training and receiving many healings, I started to heal deep seated emotional pain, limiting beliefs and mental conditioning. This then started to open up greater joy, abundance and love within my life and reality.

We all carry emotional and mental pain, either from this lifetime, or others, that can create much suffering and restriction in our lives. Imagine being able to finally access, and start to heal this pain, so that you can once again feel true freedom, love, joy and most importantly, HOPE in your life. Do you know the joy and pure bliss that can be birthed, when you receive a truly Divine healing experience and are touched by the Light?

Frequency Healing & Lightbody

But how do we truly heal? Well it's not just a case of 'thinking positively' to shift our 'baggage'. I'm sure we've all been there and tried that. No, we must delve deeper and have the courage to truly look within and Feel. Transference Healing® is unique in that it doesn't diagnose and treat symptoms, but rather taps in deeply through the etheric body to create a shift through all the energetic bodies. By tapping deeply into this level, true healing can be accessed. So we bypass the rational and conscious mind, to really access the energetic patterning where restriction, negativity and dis-ease are held.