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2024 Personal 'Year Ahead' Intuitive Reading

3-card Animal Totem + 2-card Tarot Reading

1hr online session via Skype (+ recorded)

Understand the opportunities, energies and influences that 2024 will bring for you through this 'Year Ahead' intuitive card reading.

This reading will help you understand the 'bigger picture' and how to make the most of the energies 2024 is presenting in your life.

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Investment: $99

45min - 60min Online Skype 2024 Year Ahead Intuitive Card Reading & Forecast 


In this session, you will receive a personalised 'year ahead' intuitive card reading that will give you practical insight and guidance on 2024. These readings help you to understand the higher wisdom, soul themes and lessons for the next 6-12 months ahead. This supports you to align more effectively to the energy potentials and navigate the themes with more conscious awareness and self-mastery. 

It is an opportunity to bring more conscious awareness into the energies and cosmic influences playing out in your life for 2024, and master more the soul-lessons, wisdom and potential they offer.

The session is conducted online via Skype at a mutually agreed time (45-60mins

Powerful 5-card Spread

The 5-card reading is a combination of -


1. 3 x Transference Healing Animal Magic Cards.
This is a totem card reading that identifies a 'female' 'male' and 'mastership' card that will be supporting you over the coming 6-12 months. It helps identify the feminine or 'yin' energies supporting you over this time; the masculine or 'yang' energies and finally a Mythical Being which supports various aspects and embodiment of self-empowerment.

2. 2 x Tarot Cards

A further 2 tarot cards complete the 5-card spread, helping to identify further themes, opportunities and soul lessons that will be presenting themselves through the year, and how to navigate these energies with more wisdom and self-awareness. 


You will receive:


  • A channelled, personal Animal Totem & Tarot Reading;

  • MP3 Recording of the channelling;

  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive further clarification at the end of the reading.


ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to email me prior to booking if you have any queries.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Once you have paid, you will receive an email within 24 hours to agree a suitable day/time for the session.

Sessions are run via Skype so you will need access to an internet connection, and will receive an invite link to join the video call shortly before the session start or emailed in advance.

Life sometimes happens and if you need to cancel/reschedule it is always most appreciated to give me as much notice as possible.

Full refund offered if cancellation is > 48hrs notice, less any payment fees incurred.

< 48hrs notice or no show = no refund offered. I am already in energetic preparation for the reading at this point, and thus have invested time and energy into the session. Rescheduling is permitted if >48hrs notice provided.


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