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Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Workshops

During these workshops you will delve more deeply into the self-healing procedures within Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright. This gives you the opportunity to master the elements while learning to support your own healing and ascension process. It is advisable that everyone who receives regular Transference Healing sessions consider attending at least Level 1 of this workshop series.

The Beyond Doorways book contains volumes of sacred information and knowledge that provides insight into many universal questions. All knowledge held within it is relevant to our understanding of the ‘Celestial Christ’.

'Supporting those in their Spiritual Awakening & Self Healing Journey'

Beyond Doorways Level 1

Beyond Doorways Level 1 is a one-day workshop that enables you to work with and understand the fundamental teachings and healing procedures detailed within Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright.

It concentrates on specific procedures that enable you to participate in your own healing and ascension process. This workshop enables you to understand how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending into a new dimension, reality and world.

‘At this vital time of Earth and human transition, this workshop is a must for everyone!’

In support of the teachings revealed in Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright, this workshop provides the empowerment and self-mastery tools we all need at this vital time of ascension and change.

No prior knowledge or experience necessary. Affordable for all.

This profound and transformational one-day workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the Earth and human changes, but will also teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. It will support you to maintain wellness, and to provide the same support to your friends and family.

What you will learn:

  • How to perform a Beyond Doorways Level 1 frequency healing (30-45min session);

  • Procedures to help with -

    • Protection & grounding;

    • Releasing hyper-sensitivity & counter-acting negativity from others;

    • Balancing the electromagnetic & magnetic aspects of self;

    • Emotional balance and restore inner peace;

    • How to prepare your own crystal Lightbody essence from the Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit.

    • Clearing blockages or build-up of stress and anxiety in the inner mind;

    • Owning your spiritual gifts and opening spiritual much, much more.

'A great introduction & grounding in frequency healing'
Beyond Doorways Level 1 Worshp

Pricing & Inclusions

The cost of this training is $700      (resit $200)


A deposit of $450 is required at the time of booking.
This allows me to order your workshop materials from Head Office in Sydney.


  • Workshop Manual.

  • Full colour template.

  • The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences.



This workshop does not include supply of the Beyond Doorways book. You will need to purchase this independently, preferably prior to attending the workshop.


Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Level 2

This workshop enables you understand and work with mystery school knowledge and teachings. This is lightbody technology that involves crystal skull, gridding and templating work, as well as Lemurian and Atlantean teachings.

This level explores the technology of matter and light, and would appeal more to Transference Healing graduates or those who regularly attend trance channelling sessions with Alexis Cartwright. It works with alternate chapters to Level 1 and teaches procedures that are not detailed in the Beyond Doorways book.

What you will learn:

  • Beyond Doorways Level 2 healing session (now run immediately after your BD1 session to give a full Beyond Doorways healing session 1hr approx);

  • Powerful crystal skull meditation for deep healing & clearing of pain, blockages or dis-ease;

  • How to work with crystal wands in the BD2 healing session;

  • Learn Mystery School level procedures for deep healing including past life pain/memories;

  • Perform a beautiful crystal 'gridding' ritual that weaves elements & Light into your whole Being and awakens the Lightbody for integration.

'Mystery School knowledge, combined with crystal wand healing'
Beyond Doorways Level 2 Workshop
BD2 Workshop

Pricing & Inclusions

The cost of this training is $700      (resit $200)



  • Workshop Manual.

  • 2 x clear quartz wands.

  • Lemurian Time Line wand.

  • Small crystal skull.

  • A Crystal Stargate Gridding Kit, including 1 x full colour template, 9 x gridding crystals, 2 x platonic solid crystals and a herkimer diamond, all presented in a beautiful velvet workshop bag.



Gridding crystals are only available to those who attend the workshop.

Important: Workshop Booking Policy & Cancellation

Click link above for important information about booking policy, cancellation and the energetic preparation processs when you book in for a Transference Healing Workshop or Training.


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