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Child of Light Workshop

The Child of Light workshop supports you to work with your inner child, and also, more specifically, to understand the unique qualities of Crystal Children. This workshop enables parents to work with the unique attributes of Children of the New Millennium. It also works with the energies contained within the Transference Healing® Child of Light Meditation and Affirmation publication.

This workshop teaches parents a range of techniques to support their Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing® procedure channelled through the energetic influence of Chiron. While this procedure has a powerful impact on Crystal Children, it can also be performed on adults, enabling them to explore the deep levels of their etheric pattering to clear inner child pain. For both adults and children, this procedure supports one to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid.

What you will learn:

  • A 30-45min frequency healing session for self-healing & to support loved ones;

  • Beautiful meditations and exercises to support your Crystal Child (and you!);

  • How to set up your 5th dimensional crystal grid to support a lifting of frequency in your home;

  • Why frequency healing is so beneficial and supporting of Crystal Children much more.

Your Experience on the Day:

When you attend this 1 day workshop, you will be suspended in a higher, templated and sacred space. This allows you to make profound shifts and upgrades throughout the day, as you absorb the wisdom and learn the healing techniques from the Child of Light healing.

Andrew is an experienced healing workshop facilitator and brings a heart-based, gentle, and uplifting teaching style that allows you to receive deep healing, insight and upgrades from the day. Andrew channels the Transference teachings, along with uplifting meditations and exercises to create deep healing, upgrades and more for you during this magical day.

'Frequency healing to support you and your Crystal Child'


Pricing & Inclusions

The cost of this training is $700      (resit $200)



  • Workshop Manual.


  • 2 x full colour workshop templates


  • Platonic Solids Crystal Set and a Clear Quartz Crystal.

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