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Mastering Your Life & Overcome Limitations in 2018 + FREE GIFT

How are you travelling along in the first month of 2018? Do you feel the energies are very different to last year? I certainly am feeling so. I also get a sense that this is the year we can truly accelerate our life’s purpose, mastering more in our day to day lives and allowing a beautiful unfolding of the Divine Plan in our life.

But already for me personally, I’m feeling limitations, fear, uncertainty and other emotions bubbling to the surface. But this is fantastic! Yep, you read that correctly, that’s fantastic. You see in my healing and spiritual practise, we learn to embrace our fears and limitations rather than avoid them. For when they are surfacing, it means it’s finally time for them to heal and clear from our energy field.

Curious about this process and how you can master more in your life and overcome those limitations, anxiety and fear that arise? Well read on….

Here’s my quick list of mastering life more in 2018. To learn more, keep scrolling down.

  1. Surrender more to the Universe and allow yourself to go with the flow;

  2. Take more responsibility for your thoughts and emotions – you are the master & co-creator;

  3. Allow yourself to feel & feel more this year (stay in your heart);

  4. Notice when you are too much in your head & thoughts and ground your energy;

  5. Start resonating with the new, expanded reality you wish to create;

  6. Understand your Chiron astrological sign (core wounding) in life and how this is also your biggest gift; + FREE GIFT FOR YOU

  7. Receive high frequency healing

1. Surrender More To The Universe

Did you know that this year, more than ever, the Universe has our backs? We have never been at a better time to co-create the reality we desire, and have the Universe help us do so.

We are being asked to push or struggle less, and allow more. In reality this means that we need to surrender more to the Universe. But how do you do that?

Well it's about letting go of the need to know what's coming next or how you're going to get to your end goal. We waste so much mental energy stressing and worrying about the future unnecessarily.

Instead, we are being asked to drop into a heart based reality. This is one where your consciousness is centred in the heart, in peace, in love. This heart based consciousness is in the now and allowing life to unfold.

So practise taking your awareness deep into the centre of your heart chakra. Feel a beautiful white light in your heart (do this multiple times daily) and allow a sense of balance and inner peace to develop each time you practise this.

2. Take More Responsibility For Your Thoughts & Emotions

Know that you are a powerful co-creator with the Universe. But we can't powerfully co-create until we start mastering our thoughts and emotions more.

Our biggest tests are when we are feeling low, stressed, negative or feeling the negativity of others. This is our chance to self master more. Do we buy into our own fear or negativity of others. Or do we...

1. Own how we feel & feel it, then

2. Transmute that energy in our heart centre and respond only with love and acceptance.

If we are in blame, fear, projecting negativity out into the world or at others, then we are leaking our energy and staying stuck. This year, be a warrior of light and start to own your negative thoughts and limitations, and allow them to be purified in the centre of your Being, through the brilliant radiant white light of your heart.

Some tips to help with this -

When you feel yourself stuck in your head and thinking negative thoughts or just going round in circles....

1. Take a deep breath and take your awareness into your heart. Resonate white light from your heart and ask for all negative thoughts to be released in the Light.

2. Then ground your energy into your Earth Star Chakra, located 6 inches beneath your feet. Feel that deep connection to Earth and ask to release all negative mental energy into the Earth for recycling.

For emotional pain or lower emotions -

1. Feel an emerald green light start to resonate from your heart and slowly release any lower emotions or pain.

2. Affirm within your heart that you love and nurture yourself and allow these feelings to expand within.

3. Feel More this Year

To master more this year we need to become friends with our hearts and emotions. Most of humanity is too mental plane or rational in their thinking.

Instead we need to balance the feminine energies within (both men and women) and learn to be okay to feel more of our emotions.

This means when painful feelings arise, or lower emotions, give yourself permission to just be in this energy. We tend to avoid negative emotions like the plague, and one way of telling this is happening, is that we end up stuck in our thoughts going round and round.

So take a deep breath, and allow yourself to sit in the emotions. See the key to release and heal our lower emotions, we must feel them. Simple!

4. Notice When Your Are Too Much In Your Head

We all do it....over thinking at times. I see over-thinking and mental stress as an inability to surrender, with faith, to the Universe, and to feel our emotions.

We are stressing either about the past, or about the future. See if we are in our hearts, we are in the now. So recognise when you are too much in your head and ask....

1. Is there something I'm avoiding feeling at the moment? If so, give yourself 5 quiet minutes to tune in and feel the emotion that's causing the stress in the mind.

2. Is thinking about this going to change or bring more love/understanding to this situation? If it's out of your control, then just surrender and try to let it go. If it's not contributing more love or understanding (most times it won't be, your just stressing!) then consciously ask to let it go.

5. Start Resonating With The New Reality You Wish To Create

This is part of the real law of attraction. Our thoughts do create our reality, but the process of manifestation is more than just that.

To create this new, beautiful, expanded reality for ourselves, we must align all our energies (thoughts, emotions, subconscious, intent) with that we wish to create. When we are in alignment with the Universe, that's when the magic happens.

So start resonating your whole Being with this new reality you envision for yourself. Start acting like it's already manifest. Plus very importantly, what does this new reality FEEL like. When you can FEEL it before it's manifest in the physical, this is a significant key to bringing it into your life.

6. Understand Your Chiron Astrological Symbol

In Transference Healing, we work a lot with something called your Chiron symbol. This is one of the astrological signs in your chart at the time of birth.

Chiron represents our core wound we have come to Earth with in this incarnation. But, it also represents our biggest gifts and talents in life, once we start to master and heal our core wound.

Understanding our Chiron, and also that of loved ones, gives us a greater depth of wisdom to see where we get stuck in life, and what our biggest challenges are. When we can recognise our challenges and woundings, this is a big step to help start working with, and healing this aspect of our life.

Then you can start to see when your Chiron wound comes up in life, and start to work through the limitations, fear and pain that can arise at that time. You are more conscious and can allow deep healing to occur if you can surrender & FEEL at that time.


Receive the full chapter 6 of Chiron - The Holy Grail of Healing from the Beyond Doorways Book by Alexis Cartwright.

Simply visit and sign up to their newsletter to receive your free gift.

7. Receive High Frequency Healing

One of the quickest ways I know to personally lift my vibration and release fear and pain in my life is to receive high frequency healing.

As a Transference Healing practitioner, I am lucky to have the tools to run healing on myself. Sometimes it's not enough to simple think positively, or hope that circumstances will change in life.

This is where Transference Healing was born. It enables you to instantly shift your vibration, release painful thoughts and emotions, and encode higher levels of Light and prana into your body & consciousness.

So when I'm feeling down or need a lift, a healing session is all it takes to help me continually lift my vibration into the Light and stay balanced, at peace and moving forward in life.

It also works with the chiron wounding, to release the deepest wounds and pain that can be lodged in the etheric body and DNA, helping to clear past life and genetic pain, so that we can free ourselves from the bonds of karma and co-create our Golden Age here on Earth now.

Are you ready to make a quantum shift in your life this year? Book in for a high frequency, Alchemical & Lightbody Healing and shift your vibration into a higher reality now.

Blessings on your journey through 2018 and may the above tools help you to really start mastering your life and spiritual awakening on a whole new level.

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

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