Mastering Your Life & Overcome Limitations in 2018 + FREE GIFT

How are you travelling along in the first month of 2018? Do you feel the energies are very different to last year? I certainly am feeling so. I also get a sense that this is the year we can truly accelerate our life’s purpose, mastering more in our day to day lives and allowing a beautiful unfolding of the Divine Plan in our life.

But already for me personally, I’m feeling limitations, fear, uncertainty and other emotions bubbling to the surface. But this is fantastic! Yep, you read that correctly, that’s fantastic. You see in my healing and spiritual practise, we learn to embrace our fears and limitations rather than avoid them. For when they are surfacing, it means it’s finally time for them to heal and clear from our energy field.

Curious about this process and how you can master more in your life and overcome those limitations, anxiety and fear that arise? Well read on….

Here’s my quick list of mastering life more in 2018. To learn more, keep scrolling down.

  1. Surrender more to the Universe and allow yourself to go with the flow;

  2. Take more responsibility for your thoughts and emotions – you are the master & co-creator;

  3. Allow yourself to feel & feel more this year (stay in your heart);

  4. Notice when you are too much in your head & thoughts and ground your energy;

  5. Start resonating with the new, expanded reality you wish to create;

  6. Understand your Chiron astrological sign (core wounding) in life and how this is also your biggest gift; + FREE GIFT FOR YOU

  7. Receive high frequency healing

1. Surrender More To The Universe

Did you know that this year, more than ever, the Universe has our backs? We have never been at a better time to