Everything You Wanted To Know About the Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Workshops

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Welcome friends,

In this blog I'd love to share with you what the Beyond Doorways workshops are about, and how attending either Level 1 or both Level 1 & 2 workshops can benefit you.

Primarily, this workshop was created to support humanity to have access to simple, yet effective tools for healing, creating alchemy (shifting the body & consciousness into a higher, more refined state) and help those who wish to self-master and awaken more spiritually in their lives.

These workshops are based on the Beyond Doorways book, by Alexis Cartwright, the Founder, Anchor & Channel of Transference Healing. This book delves into the mysteries of the universe, our human evolution and how frequency healing is so vital in our time of rapid Earth and human evolution. Through 1999-2012 we went through a process of rapid change, evolving from a 3rd dimensional (more matter and carbon-based) reality, into a higher 5th dimensional reality (more crystalline & lighter).

Beyond Doorways Level 1