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Everything You Wanted To Know About the Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Workshops

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Welcome friends,

In this blog I'd love to share with you what the Beyond Doorways workshops are about, and how attending either Level 1 or both Level 1 & 2 workshops can benefit you.

Primarily, this workshop was created to support humanity to have access to simple, yet effective tools for healing, creating alchemy (shifting the body & consciousness into a higher, more refined state) and help those who wish to self-master and awaken more spiritually in their lives.

These workshops are based on the Beyond Doorways book, by Alexis Cartwright, the Founder, Anchor & Channel of Transference Healing. This book delves into the mysteries of the universe, our human evolution and how frequency healing is so vital in our time of rapid Earth and human evolution. Through 1999-2012 we went through a process of rapid change, evolving from a 3rd dimensional (more matter and carbon-based) reality, into a higher 5th dimensional reality (more crystalline & lighter).

Beyond Doorways Level 1

This 1 Day workshop is a great introduction to the philosophy, teachings and healing practises of Transference Healing.

It teaches you a 30-45 minute healing session that can be performed on yourself, loved ones and friends.

Creating Sacred Space

In this workshop you will learn how to create a sacred space and lift the energy and frequency of a room or your environment. This is fundamental to all healing, because one cannot heal and create higher thoughts, emotions or a reality if we cannot lift ourselves into a higher state. Utilising Crystals For Healing & Templating a Space

You will also learn about the central role crystals play in creating healing responses within the Transference lineage. Crystals hold so much technology, wisdom and gifts when we can learn how to tap into, and awaken their potential. You will discover how crystals help to hold a sacred space for you to practise healing, and how they support the integration of light & frequency to create shifts within the anatomy and energetic body, and how they help transmute and purify energies worked with.

Unifying Ancient Healing practises & Healing Modalities into One

Transference Healing is also about unification. When we can come into a state of oneness, we evolve in consciousness and awaken to our true spiritual potential. This modality helps to unify many healing traditions and practises into one. It also supports the unification of belief systems, understanding that all hold truth within them, and we all come from One Source. Throughout the day, you learn many different healing procedures that all have a specific function, and support the totality of Self - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. These include:

  • frequency or energy healing practises;

  • working with the astrological influences, particularly Chiron, the planet of healing;

  • clearing and aligning chakras;

  • etheric & psychic surgery (a shamanic practise);

  • sacred prayers to support healing & purification;

  • balancing the emotional plane and clearing painful emotions;

  • clearing karmic pain & karmic ties;

  • how to protect your energy & prevent energetic depletion;

  • balancing and aligning the electromagnetic & magnetic lines of force within the body for health, structural balance and more;

  • working with colour, sound, light & sacred geometry;

  • how healing supports the awakening of latent spiritual & psychic gifts;

What Makes Transference Healing Unique To Other Healing Modalities?

Because it works on a multi-dimensional level, and incorporates all main planes of healing and existence, it truly is a one-stop-shop, comprehensive modality. It works on the electromagnetic (and it's higher aspects, the Lightbody) level which is vital for humanities awaken and ascension, but it also supports the fundamental alchemy that's required to heal and shift the body so it can sustain higher consciousness and more Light!

Lightbody 'Crystal Essences' Kit

In addition to learning some truly life-changing frequency healing procedures, you also receive a beautiful Lightbody Crystal Essence Kit. This contains 15 crystal essences that support specific healing responses in the body & consciousness and are made up into a combination essence to support each healing performed.

Become your own Alchemist!

In Summary - Beyond Doorways Level 1

This workshop will gain you tools of healing and wisdom that you can use for the rest of your life. Imagine when you are feeling ill, down in your spirits or needing to revitalise - being able to run a healing session on yourself and start shifting symptoms, emotional pain, mental stress or physical symptoms...sometimes instantly! Whether you are completely new to healing, or have perhaps learned other healing modalities in your time, this workshop offers something unique, truly exciting and powerful. Step into your destiny and awaken your healing abilities and self-master more in your life.


Beyond Doorways Level 2

Level 2 takes you deeper in the healing mysteries! Discover ancient crystal wand healing, and be introduced to Mystery School level teachings.

Once you have completed Level 1, you may choose to sit the Level 2 workshop. This is a very different feel and experience from Level 1. In this 1 Day workshop you get to learn more about and play with the crystals! So if you love crystals, and wish to learn powerful crystal meditation and healing procedures, then this day is for you ;)

Crystal Skulls

You will learn about the crystal skulls, how they hold the technology of creation of our human form, and the wisdom they hold regarding humanities evolution.

Learn a powerful healing meditation connecting you to the powers and properties of crystal skulls.

Crystal Wand Healing

You will also learn unique crystal wand healing procedures. Step back into the ancient times of Lemuria and Atlantis, when crystal healing and technology were mastered. Once again discover the power and healing abilities of crystals to create wellness and upgrades in your body & consciousness.

Mystery School Practises

Transference Healing has gifted humanity lost Mystery School practises upon this Earth once again in our current timeline. These are the mysteries and practises that initiates of the ancient past practised in temples and sacred places such as the great Pyramids of Egypt.

Be introduced to this level of teaching as we learn some powerful healing procedures in this workshop to start working with these energies.

Stargate Crystal Gridding Ritual

The final part of the day allows you to learn and experience a powerful crystal gridding ritual. This 'gridding' session allows you to experience the multi-dimensional nature of Self and reality, tapping into specific stellar dimensions and cosmic portals for healing and ascension.

In Summary - Beyond Doorways Level 2

This workshop will give you further tools of healing and wisdom to compliment and enhance your practises from Level 1. Calling all crystal lovers, those who love crystal grids and those that wish to delve into the mysteries of healing and life.

This 1 day workshop gives you these additional healing tools and then allows you to run a full Beyond Doorways Level 1&2 healing which takes around 50mins - 1hr to complete. This supports your own self-healing, and can also be run on family, loved ones and friends to support them also.


Check out my EVENTS PAGE for upcoming workshops, or send an email to

Thank you for checking out this blog and I look forward to connecting with you in future if these workshops call to your heart and Soul. Many blessings,

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy


Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Initiate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness and return to a state of love and wellness.

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