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Why Attending the Transference Healing Fundamentals Training Will Change Your Life - All You Need to Know | Spiritual Healing Workshop Gold Coast

Transference Healing Fundamental Training inclusions & Lightbody

So you're on a journey of self-discovery and wanting to learn new skills that will support self-healing and spiritual awakening. Well, you're in the right place!

The aim of this post is to share:

  1. Why choose Transference Healing as a healing modality?

  2. Why train with Andrew (owner of Ethereal Alchemy)?

You can gain a beautiful overview of the 4-day training HERE. Further to the training page, below is a more detailed explanation of the above questions and what makes sitting this workshop with me unique.


Why choose Transference Healing as a spiritual & healing modality?

Sacred symbols

So you've decided that you want to learn new skills, embrace and hone your healing abilities and spiritual connection. Great! Now it's about finding a modality that will align with you, and support this incredible journey. With a resurgence of interest in all things healing, spiritual and mystical - there may appear to be an almost endless possibility of choice in healing therapies and modalities out in the world these days. Making the choice of which path to take may seem quite overwhelming.

What makes Transference Healing unique and what benefit might be gained training in this spiritual modality over any other number of choices out there?

Having personally spent over 20 years in the spiritual and healing industry and trained or experienced many different therapies and modalities in that time, let me share my perspective.

Let's start with the Founder, Channel & Anchor of Transference Healing - Alexis Cartwright.

Any healing modality birthed onto the planet holds a unique vibration, and its purity and spiritual vibration is significantly influenced by the Founder. So the level of mastery and ability to hold frequency and Light determines to a large degree, the level of effectiveness and impact it creates in those who tap into its healing practises.

Alexis is one of those people who holds incredible self-mastery, spiritual attributes and connection that is supported by the highest orders of the Spiritual Hierarchy. As a Universal Channel, she is able to tap into the multitude of spiritual realms and channel/anchor the mysteries, higher wisdom and frequencies. This supports a modality that weaves alchemy and light into body & consciousness to support the journey of self-mastery and ascension. It holds incredible tools of:

  • alchemy to shift and change the very fabric of our physical body & reality;

  • Lightbody technology to anchor and resurrect the Lightbody while incarnate;

  • teachings and frequencies from Ascended Master & Archangel levels;

  • re-establishing Mystery School teachings onto the Earth at this time.

Those attracted to this lineage will often have had past lifetimes working with healing abilities and spiritual teachings to walk the path of self-mastery. It is therefore for those who are ready to commit on a deeper level and gain access to tools and teachings that have often been hidden or passed down to a select few through the ages.

You will gain a comprehensive set of healing and self-mastery tools that will transform your life and shift your reality as you commit to self-healings and other practises.

What I have personally found unique about Transference Healing is that not only do you learn healing procedures, but you also gain the knowledge and wisdom of the why and how. So it builds personal wisdom and understanding (self-mastery) each time you tap into and run these frequencies.

But more than that, it's a modality of 'embodiment.' With Transference Healing, you are supported to directly feel and embody the frequencies, teachings and wisdom into your body and reality.

"Enlightenment does not only occur in the mind or consciousness, but also in the body. This is the essence of alchemy and the key to immortality."

- Alexis Cartwright (Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed)

Which levels and subtle planes does your modality of choice work on?

A healing modality that can work with the majority or all of the subtle planes and levels of our physical/spiritual anatomy is going to create more profound healing impacts than one that may only focus on 1 or a few subtle plains. Let's explore some of these to get a better understanding. Some levels or planes that make up our multi-dimensional nature include:

  • physical/etheric plane/body;

  • vibrational/emotional plane/body;

  • mental plane/body;

  • electromagnetic plane/body & the Lightbody;

  • Soul;

  • metaphysical plane;

  • ethereal plane/body

To name a few.

Transference Healing is unique in its ability to tap into, work with and integrate through and between all these different planes to create cohesive and effective healing in the body & consciousness.

And what a powerful toolset you have when you can work on all levels simultaneously in one healing session!


What you're qualified to do and investment

The fundamental training is usually a 3 or 4 day (I'm currently offering over 4 consecutive days) workshop that gives you all the tools and wisdom to immediately start running a Fundamental healing session for yourself and loved ones.

At this level, the training qualifies you to run healing sessions for yourself and loved ones/friends only. This is so you may start to master running the alchemy necessary to shift your body and consciousness and create ongoing wellness.

When you first learn, a session will usually take 1-1.5hrs to run on yourself. As you practise and master more, the time to complete a session will reduce.

If you wish to become a Practitioner working with the public and charging for sessions, you would then need to sit the Advanced Training directly with Alexis. This then initiates you into this higher frequencies necessary to be able to hold the energy and sustain a client base on this level.

Investment - you can find out details of the total cost on the Fundamental Training page. This price is set by Head Office and reflects the comprehensive toolset you will acquire, and the purity + advanced level of unique training you will receive. Part of the initiation into stepping into this level of training is the energy exchange to receive these incredible spiritual and healing tools that will become invaluable in your life when you commit to regular practise.

A deposit is also required at the time of booking to allow time for your spiritual tools and manuals to be prepared by Head Office. Full details will be sent regarding this when you enquire on training with me.


Why train with Andrew? | Healing Workshops

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy Human Divine Lightbody

There is often a deeper reason why you are attracted to train with a specific person and each teacher holds their own unique gifts, wisdom and training style.

Experience counts too, and I have been practising some form of the healing arts for over 20 years as mentioned above. It was between 2010-2012 I was drawn to Transference Healing and soon after, started exclusively practising this modality.

It was Divine timing that during my years spent living in the UK, I was introduced to a fellow Aussie (Rena) who would become an incredible teacher and inspiration on my own path.

Over the years, I sat countless Transference Healing workshops with her, and graduate 'mastery' classes that build an incredible wisdom and understanding within myself of the Transference Healing philosophy and higher teachings. Having someone who could disseminate often complex topics and spiritual wisdom into practical knowledge applicable in day-to-day life was priceless.

Since 2010, I have also had the privilege to sit countless workshops, resits and trainings with Alexis, the Founder of Transference Healing. Her humble yet profound and direct knowledge of the healing arts and spiritual realms is mind-blowing. These trainings have included the higher Mystery School 3-week intensives she has birthed onto the planet. These have been sat in various sacred grid locations around the world, including Hawaii, Cyprus and Italy. All of this experience, helping me to embody and understand the many layers and unique aspects that make up Transference Healing.

As a Certified Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher, I therefore offer you a very comprehensive training background and knowledge-base gained over countless hours training with these incredible teachers. With 1,000's of client and self-healing sessions run over 14 years I also bring a wealth of understanding and experience in the frequencies and underlying wisdom of this process.

My particular skills and unique offerings include:

  • understanding the path of spiritual empowerment/protection, and especially connecting with the Dragon Realms/Dragons to support this process;

  • supporting you to birth and understand your own unique spiritual gifts and wisdom;

  • supporting those with Cosmic origins in feeling grounded and safe in their life and mission here on Earth;

  • supporting sensitive and spiritual Souls to master their sensitivity;

  • support those ready to walk the path and initiations of heart-mastery and embracing the Goddess teachings.

Transference Healing is a lineage that will allow you to feel and experience first-hand, the Divine, mystical and magical in your day-to-day reality. It's purpose to help you self-master and walk the path of ascension. It will help you transform, expand your consciousness and co-create a higher reality in your life.

As I write these words, I feel the immense power, purity and support of the Divine Beings and Realms behind me. If you are reading these words and they resonate deep within your heart - then follow your dreams and take that step towards greater self-mastery and liberation today. Your Soul and Higher Self will thank you. 😇

To find out about the next 4-day Transference Healing Fundamental Training, please reach out to me via email to learn more.

Or text 0435 624 951 to schedule a free chat and info session.

This spiritual and healing workshop is offered in-person from my current location of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

Certified Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher

Mystery School Graduate

Lightbody Sacred Geometry Merkaba

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