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Everything You Wanted To Know About the Transference Healing Child of Light Workshop

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Welcome friends,

In this blog I'd love to share with you what the Child of Light workshop is about, and how attending this workshop can benefit you.

Primarily, this workshop was created to support those Children being born since the turn of the century. Those who hold a more refined and fully formed 5th dimensional template. You see our Earth and humanity have been transitioning through a 3rd dimensional (or more matter based) reality, into a higher, crystalline and more refined 5th dimensional template.

The 'Crystal Children' birthing over the last decade or so already hold this fully formed 5th dimensional template, and are quite often much more sensitive to their environment and Earth changes than us adults. This workshop therefore supports them to maintain a beautiful 5th dimensional frequency, suspended in higher consciousness and nurturing their incredible sensitivity.

Yes, it's for adults too! :)

This workshop teaches you how to support your children through frequency healing. However, it is also designed and perfect for adults too. We also have our own 'Inner Child' that is often wounded and carrying pain. This occurs for most of us through the act of growing up, the experiences and beliefs we learned along the way, and painful, hurtful experiences we all encounter.

The great news is this workshop helps to heal Inner Child pain, nurture the sensitive Self, and restore us to our innocent, child-like nature. This workshop holds such a light and beautiful vibration that supports deep heart-healing, heart-opening and awakening.

When you sit this workshop, you learn a 30-40 minute healing session that you can run on yourself, and also family, loved ones and friends.

In fact every time you run a Child of Light healing on yourself or others you are:

  • Aligning the body & consciousness to the Earth's 5th dimensional grid;

  • Balancing magnetic & electromagnetic lines of force that sustain health, the chakra system, glandular system, emotional stability and physical alignment;

  • Helping to clear symptoms or imbalance before it creates disease in the physical;

  • Receiving healing from the Earth & Cosmos, infusing elements, Light and frequencies into every cell and atom of your Being;

  • Raising your level of consciousness, creating expansion, flow and alignment on all levels;

  • Receiving a Divine healing & upgrade, through the astrological influence of Chiron, the planet of Healing;

  • Sending healing into the Earth, your home and immediate location.

By attending the 1 day workshop, you also receive a healing and upgrade in your energetic field just by being immersed in the Transference Healing frequency. What else do you receive?

  • A beautiful 5th dimensional crystal grid, which you can set up in your home to help anchor and sustain a higher 5th dimensional reality (picture, right black template & crystals included);

  • Simple, yet effective meditations you can do with your child or for yourself to raise your vibration, feel nurtured, safe and grounded;

  • Detailed information on the different types of Crystal Children and wisdom about our 5th dimensional reality and the changes and upgrades Mother Earth has been going through, and how we can tap into and stay balanced in this higher reality;

  • How to create a sacred space, clear and template a room and lift the vibration before undertaking healing or spiritual work;

  • A beautiful and detailed workshop manual and template with detailed wisdom and clear step-by-step instructions on how to run the healing session.

If you'd like to take the next step in your healing evolution and spiritual awakening, sitting this 1 Day Transference Healing workshop is highly recommended. Check out my EVENTS PAGE for upcoming workshops, or send an email to

Thank you for checking out this blog and I look forward to connecting with you in future if this workshop calls to your heart and Soul. Many blessings,

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy


Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Initiate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness and return to a state of love and wellness.

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