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The Current Energies of June & Forgiveness for Healing & Resolution

The Current Energies of June 2018

Winter Solstic Stone Archway

Greetings, I trust this post finds you well. In this edition, I would like to share my perception around the current energies for this month and how to make the most of these influences for healing and personal growth.

Here in QLD, Australia, we are heading well into winter, and are also coming up to the winter solstice, on the 21st June. This is a time when we naturally slow down and become more internal. The winter solstice is also a powerful time of the year, when the veils between the physical and spiritual realms are thinner. This allows us to more easily access our intuition and tune into the messages from the spiritual hierarchy. It can also present an auspicious time for inner healing.

For me personally, the past few weeks have been an intense time of inner transformation and having to surrender to the many changes that are occurring. We can sometimes find it hard to switch off from the external world, and allow ourselves to attune more to the feminine principle - but doing so allows huge potential for healing and transformation.

I get a sense that at this current time the message is - 'The Universe has our backs!'

What does this mean?

My perception is that the Universe is giving us all the resources and courage to make some deep and lasting changes in our lives. Old pain, limitations, behaviours and restrictions that you've tried to shift and heal in the past....but couldn't. Well this month I feel we are being so supported to finally break free and heal a big portion of what's been holding us back.

For me personally, I've been in a really deep space and have just had to surrender to the changes and be more internal. Deep fears, de-coding through dream states, dietary changes and energetic upgrades have all been occurring. But I've felt so ready and able just to make radical & lasting changes with so much less struggle than before. So if you have the courage, and wish to make some deep and long lasting changes, there's never been a better time. It means surrendering to the Universe and allowing yourself to transform, to feel the old pain so that it can finally be released. Then most importantly, BE-ing the new, upgraded and refined YOU by living that new reality.

Forgiveness - Practise of the Month

When we are going through big energetic changes, it can certainly put us through a bit of a process. Through a purification journey, we can also at times get a bit self critical, or beat ourselves up. Feeling that there is something wrong with us, or judging why we are feeling/thinking/acting certain ways.

That's why at these times, we need to be our own best friend.

Forgiveness is something that I've been practising a lot this month, and it's so simple, yet profoundly powerful.

You see we all hold emotional pain, difficult memories and even hurt and abuse from the past. If we can't heal and release this, it can cause much suffering on the mental and emotional planes. If not dealt with long term, it will even manifest as symptoms and imbalances on a physical level.

Forgive Others

The first step is to start forgiving others. Whether it is recent events, or situations from our past, forgive others easily and with heart felt emotion.

It might be small hurts, it might be bigger hurts. What matters is that the past only haunts us when we feel that we're powerless, or that it's someone impossible to move on.

Well let me tell you - You have the power to decide whether to let the past and others affect you, or whether to release and heal the situation with love. YOU HAVE THE POWER.

But what about some hurts and situations the seem unforgivable?

Well it's not about the other person or condoning any behaviour that is unacceptable. No, it's about finding that place of redemption within for you, and allowing a space of release and...forgiveness :)

You see, if we cannot release and heal the pain from the past, it actually creates an energetic drain on us. And the only person that affects, is us. So forgiving others is really about looking after No 1 (YOU!) and nurturing the self.

Forgive Yourself

Secondly, but more importantly, forgive yourself.

Feelings of guilt, shame, anger, hopelessness etc can arise when we are carrying pain from the past. Whether that's something we've done which we don't feel great about, or if it's hurt caused to us by others.

We can sometimes take on and carry this pain which again, causes depletion in our energy field.

When others hurt us we can feel like a victim, and also blame ourselves, or beat ourselves up. That's why forgiveness of the self is also so key, when these memories or past emotions surface within us.

Forgiveness Exercise

So give it this a try.

  1. Create a quiet space and allow yourself a good 15-20 mins to tune into how your feeling for this exercise.

  2. Start by calling up those from your past that you wish to forgive. Some might be obvious and come to mind easily. Some others may be unexpected, so just trust in the process.

  3. As each person comes to mind, place them in a bubble of white light. Send forgiveness to them. If you feel any emotions of anger, or resistance to forgiving, just acknowledge them, and release them into the bubble of white light. Keep this focus until you feel a shift in the energy.

  4. To complete, once you've done this for all people that come to mind, see all the people in your bubble gentle now floating away up into the clouds. As they get further and further away, feel a sense of peace and resolution wash over you.

  5. Now imagine you are sitting in front of yourself. Start sending forgiveness towards yourself and your inner child.

  6. Again, notice any resistance, painful thoughts or emotions arising. Even any pain or discomfort in your body. Just send love and forgiveness to any uncomfortable energy and hold until you feel it shifting.

  7. When you feel this process is complete, imagine the 'old' you in a bubble of white light. Symbolically release this old self and imagine the bubble floating away up into the clouds.

  8. You are now powerfully creating a new you, one that is forgiven and has received redemption and resolution. Congratulations!

Practise this as often as you feel the need, over the coming days and weeks and watch how your sense of self, self worth and peace increase during this time.

Blessings and wishing you all the best at this time of powerful transformation.

I would love to hear any feedback and insights as well if you find this practise has helped you. So feel free to drop me an email and share your insights.

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy.

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