12-12-12 Portal - Activating Stellar Coding in your DNA

12th of December 2019 - 12/12/2019

Numerology - 12/12/12, also reducing to 3/3/3

The 12-12 Portal is always such a powerful event, and particularly so in 2019 with the triple 12 numerology.

Pure Christ Light codes activate from the stellar realms on this day, giving you the opportunity to align, upgrade and fill your sacred vessel with this Divine Light.

But what makes this event so special is that we are coming to the end of some big cycles, and getting ready to energetically step into a whole new world. We are birthing more fully into the 5th dimensional realms (more crystalline, less dense or carbon-based) and our new Aquarian and Golden Age.

This new age is asking us to take more personal responsibility for what it is we wish to create and experience upon this Earth. Many of us have come to the planet precisely to participate in this grand shift of the ages into a more enlightened civilization.


Today is a great day to align with the powerful 12-12 Portal. Below is a FREE guided meditation working with St Germaine, the Ascended Master overseeing our Aquarian Golden Age. St Germaine works with the clearing of karmic debt, deep spiritual cleansing through the mighty Violet Flame, and the qualities of freedom, justice and alchemy.

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