Day 9
'Raise Your Consciousness 30 Day Challenge'
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  • Divine Violet Flame Meditation
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  • Andrew - frequency healer
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NB: IMPORTANT - Please do not listen to this recording when driving or doing tasks that require your full attention, as you may get altered.

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Day 9 Challenge - Invoke the Mighty Divine Violet Flame

Welcome to Day 9 (Thursday) of our 30 Day 'Raise Your Consciousness Challenge.'

In today's task we work with St Germaine's Divine Violet Flame. This Ascended Master gifted humanity with this sacred flame so that we could more easily overcome suffering, and reconnect with our true spiritual source.

When we invoke this flame, or vibration with humility and in a state of receptivity, we can receive a Divine blessing & healing, helping to release all lower vibrations, negativity and pain from our body, mind, spirit & soul.

This is a really important concept for today - as we raise our consciousness, we will start to purify lower energies, emotions & thoughts. It's just how the process works.

So don't worry if at this point you've been feeling a bit of 'stuff' coming up....lower thoughts, getting a bit tired, emotional or fed up. (This could also be playing out anyway, as we are currently in the eclipse doorway, with a partial solar eclipse last weekend, and a full lunar eclipse on 21st January) It's just part of this beautiful process to let go of what no longer serves you, so that you can make a shift of consciousness into a higher vibration.

We sometimes hold onto the pain, the suffering, the lower energies...because that's all we've known for so long. It's familiar and our ego self doesn't want to lose that safety net. But our Higher Self gently encourages us to step into the unknown, let go of the safety net of pain, suffering, step off the cliff into the unknown and allow Divine Will to instead show us a better path.

So that's the Divine Violet Flame in a nutshell, lifting us up from our ego/lower self, more into our Higher & Divine Self through deep purification and transmutation.

This is one of my favourite practises, as you feel so purified, cleansed and uplifted after this sacred ritual.

Therefore enjoy dear consciousness raising souls, and know that there is always a higher support network guiding us human beings to remember and shine our Light 🌟🌟


Energy Healing Practitioner

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Queensland, 4224

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