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The Amazing Benefits of Regular Spiritual Practise & Stillness

Coronavirus - Love Overcomes Fear

Something amazing happens when we allow ourselves time for spiritual practise, inner work and stillness.

But first we often have to decide to make it a priority in our lives. So many of us lead busy and full lives, where committing time to our non-physical aspects often seems like a luxury, or a low priority.

This type of thinking can deprive us of a potent opportunity to actually create better outcomes - health, happiness, inner peace that otherwise eludes us. And, for those of you who are 'busy', committing time to the inner work and stillness can actually create more time in your life. Yep you read that right, more time!

How can that be you say? Well when we are in busy mode, and can't find time to slow down and nurture through spiritual practise...we are actually operating in physical 3rd dimensional time. This is the 24 hours in the day that we are all too familiar with and is very limited when we are constantly focused on it's affect and lack (of time).

However, if we allow time to slow down, tune inwards and commit to spiritual practise, we are actually entering into our super-conscious state, and heart-based consciousness. In this realm, time does not exist (there is no concept of time in the higher spiritual realms, just the present). So in fact through spiritual practise, you can actually tap into the infinite and enter now-time. A place where time seems to expand (even slow down at times), where space can be found for insight, wisdom and answers to appear.

In fact the 'busy-ness' we often experience in life is partly due to day-to-day stresses, concerns and unprocessed thoughts and emotions building up in our energy field. We get out of balance and feel like life is constantly on the go and we are running to keep up. This is the mindset that says 'there is no time for stillness or slowing down to tune within.'

That busy-ness though, is actually unwanted leakage of energy on the mental and emotional planes because we are so often trying to run purely from logic and drive (the masculine). This can keep us stuck in a loop and constantly feeling drained and tired.

However, when we invite and dedicated time for inner work and stillness (our feminine), even 10 minutes per day, something magical happens. All of a sudden we give permission for a greater aspect of Self to communicate with us.

Through spiritual practise we allow our batteries to be recharged from that infinite Universal energy source. We allow quiet inner space to come forth where intuitive answers and guidance may be found to our problems. We allow space for all the mental processes and emotions to processed properly and felt. This leads to greater feelings of peace, inner resilience and balance.

What if you don't know how to practise inner stillness? Well my friends it's easy! It can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for 5 minutes. Then tuning into your heart space and allowing a space of love and rest to come gently allow your thoughts to start dissolving from your mind until you feel a state of peace forming. This is one of the most simple yet effective ways to tune in, and one I practise often. Anyone can do it.

Of course there are many other ways of spiritual practise including meditation, prayer, breathing practises, yoga, chanting, toning, healing and more. Find a practise that you enjoy and that works for you, as this will make it much easier to create a solid habit in your life.

As you start to allow more time for inner stillness and healing work, some amazing benefits can start to manifest in your life, including:

  • Feeling more energised and a sense of vitality;

  • A greater sense of peace and resilience to life's challenges and triggers;

  • Enhancing feelings of love, compassion and joy in your life;

  • Being more connected to your intuition where answers can be readily obtained to help you move in a positive direction in life;

  • Creating greater wellness and health as you allow time to release, process and resolve painful thoughts and emotions;

  • Greater resilience against our modern ailments such as anxiety, depression and fear.

So what are you waiting for, today is the day to say yes, set time aside and nourish your Soul. When you start taking steps, the path will unfold and your life will change in amazing ways as a result. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

Many blessings,

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy


Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Initiate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness and return to a state of love and wellness.

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