Can Energy Healing Prevent a Cold & Illness?

Illness or's a choice
Illness or's a choice

You know the feeling right? You start to feel the onset of symptoms of a cold or illness and then what? Resign yourself to the fact that you'll be suffering and under the weather for days...or weeks.

What if energy healing could help prevent illness?

This was the situation I was personally faced with recently. I had been busy with work, supporting others and also having late nights. I was getting depleted. As I was sitting on the couch one evening the familiar happened. I started getting symptoms of cold and illness. Coughing, a sore throat and more. I actually felt the virus in my body, my lungs started to hurt and I knew what was coming.

Often at this point we resign ourselves to the inevitable - days spent feeling ill, suffering and feeling sorry for ourselves.

But that wasn't my story. You see over 17 years practising healing, and particularly through Transference Healing the modality I facilitate, I've come to see that healing and wellness is a choice and state of vibration.

Illness is a message from your body to say "hey, we're getting out of balance here, we need to change things." Oftentimes we do not heed the message. When we get ill it's a time to slow down, still the mind, nurture the self and rest. But how often do we do the exact opposite. Continue working hard, thinking about deadlines, looking after others and more, instead of looking after ourselves?

At the onset of these symptoms, I went immediately into self-care mode. I received a Transference Healing session to support and nurture myself. I immediately put work deadlines to the side (and stopped thinking/stressing about them), and instead focused on rest and nurture. I listened to my body, mind & soul, and gave it the nutrients, wholesome food and rest that would support healing.

And you know what happened - I prevented the illness from taking hold. That's right, after 1 or 2 days of healing and rest I was back in a state of wellness and balance.