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An Important Call to Action Before 2020

You have an important decision and task to complete before, and heading into 2020. Are you aware of this subtle calling? This call to choose?

Dear friends, soul sisters & brothers, a new Earth template is forming as we step into 2020. But first let's take a step back. It all began at the turning of this century. From 1999 to 2012 our Earth and human genetic template went through an important process of transition, upgrade and change. We started evolving from a 3rd-dimensional carbon-based reality, into a 5th-dimensional energy-based crystalline reality.

During this time, the crystal generators, crystalline grid and master crystals began waking up once again, healing and repairing Earth's grid lines and gradually stepping up the frequencies so that humanity could make a quantum upgrade into a new template.

This culminated in the Galactic Alignment of 21 December 2012, when we received a 5th-dimensional infusion and templating process. Some sensitive Souls upon Earth felt this profound change, others may not have noticed much difference at all in their immediate reality. But the key was that we had all shifted our DNA and genetics sufficiently to allow this 5th-dimensional template to anchor on Earth once again.

Personally, I was humbly blessed to be on location at Glastonbury Tor on this auspicious date. For those who may not know, Glastonbury Tor holds an aspect of the heart chakra of the world and is a power portal opening into many dimensions of Light. Below is a photo of the sunrise on the Tor that special morning, with what I can only describe as a Phoenix sunrise to symbolically welcome in this amazing transition. Of course, Phoenix holds the keys of alchemy and immortality...that ability to rise from the ashes. What a beautiful symbol of rebirth and renewal as we stepped into this amazing new world.

Phoenix Sunrise - Glastonbury Tor 21.12.2012
Phoenix Sunrise - Glastonbury Tor 21.12.2012

Since 2012, we have been adjusting into this new 5th-dimensional world and receiving support from Higher Dimensions and worlds that are supporting our 'growing up' to enter into the Galactic Federations of Light.

But now we stand on the cusp of another important portal or doorway. An opportunity to step into the next phase of our awakening to our crystalline and multi-dimensional existence by more fully embracing our Adam Kadmon Crystalline Lightbody, our 5th-dimensional template.

The current state of things

Looking out into the world at the moment you may be forgiven for thinking that the world and humanity are losing the plot. Watching the news confirms our leaders are not acting in our best interests, our environment is rebelling against our mistreatment and causing extreme events; greed, fear and selfishness seem to abound. Here in Australia, our sacred land is on fire, with homes, forests, animals and even human life being lost.

At this point it can be easy to feel such intense feelings of fear, sadness, anger and more. It can also be easy to look outside of us and blame others for the ills befalling the world, to despair at the injustice of it all. And in fact many of you care so much that feelings of sadness and injustice will be surfacing at this time.

But pause for a moment. Breathe. Stop and be still.

Listen to these words carefully. This is EXACTLY what is meant to happen at this time.

This chaos, and extremes we see in the world is just what is needed to shake the world from its current reality. Great change never happens at times of balance. Great change happens when everything gets shaken, turned upside down and inside out. The most beautiful crystals and diamonds are created through a process of intense pressure, chaos and turmoil deep within the Earth. Likewise, we often need a rapid and intense process of change, upheaval and a dash of choas in our lives in order to make positive changes.

The important choice you have to make now

Dear sisters and brothers, you have an important choice to make right now. Yes today, and leading into 2020.

Here's the golden key -

How you choose to respond, react and run your consciousness NOW, will decide the world you create in 2020.

That's right. Read that line again and let it truly sink in dear friends. You have the power, responsibility and choice as to which world and reality you step into. One based on fear, or one based on love.

Will you choose to embrace your evolving and awakening 5th-dimensional reality of love, expansion, peace and good-will.....or will you choose to stay within the existing 3rd-dimensional structures of separation, fear, uncertainty and the status quo?

See it's easy to get caught up in world events at this time and feel helpless and angry. It's easy to blame your so-called leaders, neighbours, strangers and others for the injustices, wrongs and ills of the world that impact you. But blame is just a way of avoiding your feelings and passing the buck. It keeps you stuck in a fear-based loop, and feeling helpless in that someone or something else is the cause of your suffering.

My Guides are telling me that we need to stop getting caught up in the illusion. What does this mean? Well, when we watch a movie and see someone getting killed how do we react? We might certainly feel emotions, but deep down we know the actor is still very much alive because the movie was just a projection of their real self, which is perfectly safe.

Likewise, our 'reality' that we call human existence is just a holographic illusion. A projection of moving pictures viewed through our limited physical senses. When we die, it is certainly sad for loved ones, but just like the movie, it's not real. The holographic projection of our human body dissolves, but our true essence as Spirit just transitions into another form. Spirit is immortal and never dies, feels pain or suffering. Only our temporary human projection experiences that.

So when we see animals or humans suffering on this planet, yes get emotional and feel sad. That's normal and natural because you're human. But don't get attached to the form, because the projection wasn't real, the Spirit force behind that 'form' was the true reality. When we transition back to Spirit, all pain, all fear, all sadness dissolves. And we recognise it was just one big experiment and that Divine Unconditional Love and Grace clothe us in eternal glory and peace.

But some may say that real suffering, pain and loss occur on this Earth. How can you so easily dismiss it? The key is not to dismiss, or somehow diminish our human experiences. They are there to teach us vital lessons, which ultimately are leading us back to a state of love and unity. Yes suffering occurs, and it's meant to trigger a reaction and emotions which teach us valuable lessons. The mastery is to see it from higher consciousness, and understand its transient and ultimately impermanent nature. Humanity is temporary, Spirit is immortal.

The 5th-dimensional Way

Choosing the 5th-dimensional reality heading into 2020 means:

  • Aligning to the vibration of love, unity and peace in each day and moment of our existence;

  • Working through our lower emotions and taking RESPONSIBILITY for them, not projecting out and blaming others, but healing our emotions with love and self-compassion;

  • Rising above the duality and drama of the old world, and instead visioning, believing and dreaming your new golden age reality into existence;

  • Participating in activities that raise your consciousness and align you to the powerful influxes of Light and Light-Beings that are ready and willing to assist your transition into this new world, such as meditation, inner reflection, healing, music, connecting with nature, prayer, chanting, self-care, self-love and community;

  • Allowing the change, transition and dissolving of old energies in your life that no longer align to this evolving new world. Release them with grace, love and forgiveness knowing that you are stepping into a brighter, lighter new world.

Personally, I have been feeling a growing presence in the etheric dimensions, over these past months, of incredible 'light' and love enveloping our Mother Earth and humanity.

There are so many Light-Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters and more assisting us at this critical time of transition. Infusing light into our world and humanity, whispering messages of love and support and guiding us towards a brighter future. Pay attention to your intuition and heart-felt feelings at this time.

Know you have the support to create radical, positive changes that will co-create this incredible new world we are heading into. Surrender to the changes and healing that is coming through to help you release the old, and move boldly into the new.

Personal Leadership

Finally, I leave you with this thought. This new world coming into 2020 is about personal leadership. We don't need to rely on others to be leaders for us and our lives. We all know how much true leadership, compassion and vision is lacking from current world leaders if we look through a limited lense...but they are playing their part ;)

No, instead you are being asked to be a leader in your life. This doesn't mean taking up a 'leadership' position in the world necessarily. Instead, it means taking personal responsibility for your own life. Being conscious of your thoughts, emotions and deeds. Being a master of self and being a leader through just shining your amazing light and sharing your love with self and the rest of the world.

You see, one master on Earth who has embodied Christ Consciousness can counteract literally hundreds of thousands of people living in lower or fear-based consciousness. Likewise, every time you raise your level of consciousness and embody more love, forgiveness and expanded awareness, you likewise seed the Earth and humanity with that template of love and unity. Your light is ALWAYS stronger than another's fear, projection or blame. ALWAYS.

So how will you choose? It's your choice and you have the power. Absolutely!


If you feel that you are struggling with this transition, intense emotions are surfacing or you're not sure how to move forward, know that there is always help and support available. Always have faith that you can call in your Spiritual Guides, Angelic support and more to help you on your path.

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Graduate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness.

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