An Important Call to Action Before 2020

You have an important decision and task to complete before, and heading into 2020. Are you aware of this subtle calling? This call to choose?

Dear friends, soul sisters & brothers, a new Earth template is forming as we step into 2020. But first let's take a step back. It all began at the turning of this century. From 1999 to 2012 our Earth and human genetic template went through an important process of transition, upgrade and change. We started evolving from a 3rd-dimensional carbon-based reality, into a 5th-dimensional energy-based crystalline reality.

During this time, the crystal generators, crystalline grid and master crystals began waking up once again, healing and repairing Earth's grid lines and gradually stepping up the frequencies so that humanity could make a quantum upgrade into a new template.

This culminated in the Galactic Alignment of 21 December 2012, when we received a 5th-dimensional infusion and templating process. Some sensitive Souls upon Earth felt this profound change, others may not have noticed much difference at all in their immediate reality. But the key was that we had all shifted our DNA and genetics sufficiently to allow this 5th-dimensional template to anchor on Earth once again.

Personally, I was humbly blessed to be on location at Glastonbury Tor on this auspicious date. For those who may not know, Glastonbury Tor holds an aspect of the heart chakra of the world and is a power portal opening into many dimensions of Light. Below is a photo of the sunrise on the Tor that special morning, with what I can only describe as a Phoenix sunrise to symbolically welcome in this amazing transition. Of course, Phoenix holds the keys of alchemy and immortality...that ability to rise from the ashes. What a beautiful symbol of rebirth and renewal as we stepped into this amazing new world.

Phoenix Sunrise - Glastonbury Tor 21.12.2012