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The Energies of Easter & True Meaning of its Symbolism

A Time of De-coding for Divine Rebirth

Easter Christ Consciousness

Greetings dear friends at this holy time of Easter. In many countries, this is a time of celebration, sharing gifts of Easter Eggs and for those of Christian faith, honouring and reflecting upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In this article, I'd like to explore the deeper spiritual meaning of Easter and a unique, Universal perspective on what this holy period provides for us. I will also delve into the current energies impacting the Earth and humanity, so that you can make the most of this time in your own spiritual growth and healing journey. I will also look at how you might be feeling at this time and some symptoms you may be experiencing.

While Easter is a traditionally Christian observance, we would like to explore the Universal aspects and core truth that all people can attune to, regardless of faith or beliefs.

Easter - A Deeper Spiritual Meaning

Let's start by looking at the deeper meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection. In fact this was the most public display and affirmation of stepping fully into 'Christ Consciousness' and overcoming the ultimate illusion - death. Through Jesus' purification and embodiment of Divine Will and honouring of the Goddess, he was able to become a pure vessel for Christ Consciousness.

This enabled him to go through a physical death process whilst embodying fully his Christ I Am Presence, the Christbody, and through sustaining Light, enable a resurrection and rebirth into a new state of Being.

We also had a full moon on Easter Friday, which brings through the lunar vibrations, a very Goddess vibration indeed. This full moon has very much brought relationships to the foreground, and created an opportunity for deep healing, clearing of karmic pain, and evolving relationships into a new state of balance and understanding.

This full moon is also a true blue moon, which is when there are 4 full moons in a season, with the third being called a blue moon.

So emotions and deep within our inner psyche have truly been stirred up, uncovering our sub-consciousness memories, pain & fear so that it can be felt, and released into the light.

The Energies of Easter

As the Easter energetic portal opens, we are given the opportunity to receive pure 'Christ Frequencies' which filter down onto the planet at this time.

But it is also a time of energetic 'death' or de-coding, so that we may go through an energetic rebirth in order to anchor more light, spiritual growth and wisdom at this time. It's what we call a time of purification, to become cleansed and purified so that you can make a beautiful shift into the Light and a heightened state of Being.

What You Might Be Feeling

In the lead up to Easter, you may have been feeling more tired or depleted, while others may have been having more intense dreams and reminders of the past through the dream state. For some, your emotions might feel more sensitive or intense, or even feeling circumstances playing out in your life to bring pain, fear or discomfort to the surface.

Many will be feeling what we call 'Lightbody symptoms,' that is physical symptoms that arise such as dis-ease manifesting in the body, aching muscles, headaches or other strange symptomatic pain within the body.

This is all perfect, because you are in a state of de-coding. Letting go of old layers, emotions, mental stress and pain that no longer serves you. Don't fight it or block the sensations and feelings...just let it arise and surrender to the purification.

For me personally, I've been experiencing these 'Lightbody symptoms' quite intensely over a few days leading up to and on Easter Friday. That included intense de-coding through my dream-state, tightness in my shoulders and neck, short intense headaches and also feeling extremely tired and needing extra rest and solitude. Can you relate, how have you been feeling this past week? Absorbing Christ Frequencies in preparation for personal Re-birth

As I write this on Easter Saturday, and being called to run a lot of frequency healing and spend extra time in inner stillness and meditation, I feel the symptoms of de-coding starting to shift.

On this day we may still feel a little altered, like we are in a bubble or dream, a little slower and in rest mode today. This is the time of sitting in the void, between energetic 'death' but before our rebirth (Christ's resurrection).

Give yourself permission to rest, nurture the self and spend time in inner reflection, letting go of whatever needs to purify and release at this time.

Easter Sunday - Christ's Resurrection

Transference Healing Cosmic Christ Sacred Oil

Throughout the whole Easter period, we are infused with higher stellar and cosmic light, Christ Light, which is enabling the energetic de-code/rebirth process to occur.

This then culminates with our 're-birth' on Easter Sunday as we integrate and absorb the higher codes of light into our whole Being. Those who attune and can allow this activation of Light, can make some amazing upgrades and personal shifts in their life.

Today as I attuned to the Cosmic Christ vibration through invocation and meditation, the beautiful, unconditional frequencies of Christ were filtering through. What a Divine gift, to receive this holy and pure vibration. And this is available to all, who truly surrender, go into stillness and allow themselves to receive of this unconditional Christ vibration.

How To Make The Most of this Christed, Easter Energy

  1. Allow yourself extra rest & recuperation at this time. Listen to your body's needs, and if you need to sleep more, that's perfect.

  2. Be aware of any emotions being triggered, either through your own process, or from others. Don't take it personally and instead go within and ask what you need to release or purify at this time.

  3. Be aware of dream messages or symbolism. You might like to keep a dream journal to write down, and reflect upon the messages and deeper meaning of your dreams at this time.

  4. Lightbody symptoms - any pain, or short, intense symptoms arising at this time is just your body de-coding. Listen to your body and what it needs in order to transition through these symptoms more quickly and with ease.

  5. Salt baths or even soaking your feet in salt water and essential oils can be very beneficial to help release and purify energy out of your body & consciousness.

  6. Light a candle and create a sacred altar in honour of Christ and Christ Consciousness. Allow yourself to go into inner stillness and prayer/meditation so that you may open yourself to receive the higher stellar and cosmic Christ frequencies that are filtering onto Earth at this time.

  7. Practise forgiveness - as we purge emotions, sub-consciousness memories and past karmic pain, practising forgiveness can be a very liberating and powerful exercise to help us purify.

The final message that comes through at this time is that we don't need to suffer needlessly in our lives. As we attune more to higher guidance and wisdom, we understand what we need in each and every moment to stay balanced, release pain or symptoms, and create a life of joy, hope and blessing.

But we can only create that life of flow when we are willing to delve deep, and surrender and purify what no longer serves us, in order to encode new light and frequency into our Being. Don't be afraid to reach out and seek support either, if you are struggling in life, or are experiencing a build-up of symptoms, pain or suffering that you are finding hard to shift. There is always a way to work with ANY symptoms and receive Divine healing if you are open and willing to receive.

May this article give you a different perspective on this amazing time of year, and wishing you many blessings over this beautiful period.

Easter Blessings & Love,

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy Frequency Healing

Mystery School Level 3 Initiate & Modern Alchemist

Certified Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher

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