The Energies of Easter & True Meaning of its Symbolism

A Time of De-coding for Divine Rebirth

Easter Christ Consciousness

Greetings dear friends at this holy time of Easter. In many countries, this is a time of celebration, sharing gifts of Easter Eggs and for those of Christian faith, honouring and reflecting upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In this article, I'd like to explore the deeper spiritual meaning of Easter and a unique, Universal perspective on what this holy period provides for us. I will also delve into the current energies impacting the Earth and humanity, so that you can make the most of this time in your own spiritual growth and healing journey. I will also look at how you might be feeling at this time and some symptoms you may be experiencing.

While Easter is a traditionally Christian observance, we would like to explore the Universal aspects and core truth that all people can attune to, regardless of faith or beliefs.

Easter - A Deeper Spiritual Meaning

Let's start by looking at the deeper meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection. In fact this was the most public display and affirmation of stepping fully into 'Christ Consciousness' and overcoming the ultimate illusion - death. Through Jesus' purification and embodiment of Divine Will and honouring of the Goddess, he was able to become a pure vessel for Christ Consciousness.

This enabled him to go through a physical death process whilst embodying fully his Christ I Am Presence, the Christbody, and through sustaining Light, enable a resurrection and rebirth into a new state of Being.

We also had a full moon on Easter Friday, which brings through the lunar vibrations, a very Goddess vibration indeed. This full moon has very much brought relationships to the foreground, and created an opportunity for deep healing, clearing of karmic pain, and evolving relationships into a new state of balance and understanding.

This full moon is also a true blue moon, which is when there are 4 full moons in a season, with the third being called a blue moon.

So emotions and deep within our inner psyche have truly been stirred up, uncovering our sub-consciousness memories, pain & fear so that it can be felt, and released into the light.