Healing from Abuse

Healing abuse

Many people will have experienced some form of abuse in their lifetime. It is often a difficult subject to address however, as it's usually perpetrated out of sight and not so easily acknowledged by society, leaving those affected feeling sometimes isolated and suffering in silence.

Abuse can come in many forms, from the subtle to extreme - verbal or emotional abuse, psychological abuse, control/intimidation through to the more severe forms such as physical abuse and even sexual abuse.

All forms leave a mark on the person receiving the abuse, and this can result in a lifetime of suffering, pain, anxiety and many other 'scars' physical, emotional and mental. Feeling like it's a 'chain of restriction' constantly impacting ones life. This results in trauma that can be lodged in the physical body and consciousness of the person. Abuse can even be carried over from past life experiences, being lodged within the energetic makeup of our being and creating restriction and pain in this lifetime.

Chains of abuse

Healing from abuse can seem so difficult because of the pain, trauma and shock that it creates in ones life. Those on the receiving end can often feel depressed, anxious, shame, guilt and low self worth at various times through their life. They can carry the burden of feeling like it was their fault, or that they are/were a bad person because of the things done to them.

So how does one begin to even address or work through healing abuse and clearing the energetic blockages, emotional/mental pain and psychological coping mechanisms that are a result of this trauma?

Here's a few steps that may help on your pathway to redemption and healing -

1. Courage

Abuse survivors have great courage. If you have experienced abuse, you have much courage dear one. Yes, it takes courage to experience such trauma but still go out and exist in the world day to day. To put on that brave face and