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Healing from Abuse

Healing abuse

Many people will have experienced some form of abuse in their lifetime. It is often a difficult subject to address however, as it's usually perpetrated out of sight and not so easily acknowledged by society, leaving those affected feeling sometimes isolated and suffering in silence.

Abuse can come in many forms, from the subtle to extreme - verbal or emotional abuse, psychological abuse, control/intimidation through to the more severe forms such as physical abuse and even sexual abuse.

All forms leave a mark on the person receiving the abuse, and this can result in a lifetime of suffering, pain, anxiety and many other 'scars' physical, emotional and mental. Feeling like it's a 'chain of restriction' constantly impacting ones life. This results in trauma that can be lodged in the physical body and consciousness of the person. Abuse can even be carried over from past life experiences, being lodged within the energetic makeup of our being and creating restriction and pain in this lifetime.

Chains of abuse

Healing from abuse can seem so difficult because of the pain, trauma and shock that it creates in ones life. Those on the receiving end can often feel depressed, anxious, shame, guilt and low self worth at various times through their life. They can carry the burden of feeling like it was their fault, or that they are/were a bad person because of the things done to them.

So how does one begin to even address or work through healing abuse and clearing the energetic blockages, emotional/mental pain and psychological coping mechanisms that are a result of this trauma?

Here's a few steps that may help on your pathway to redemption and healing -

1. Courage

Abuse survivors have great courage. If you have experienced abuse, you have much courage dear one. Yes, it takes courage to experience such trauma but still go out and exist in the world day to day. To put on that brave face and pretend everything is okay.

So acknowledge your great courage, even on the days when you feel at your lowest point.

This is a great quality to call upon at your times of need. You see we need courage in order to heal our lives and have the strength to 'go there' and face the trauma within.

2. Self Love & Forgiveness

The second step is to heal the relationship with Self. When we experience any form of abuse, it can leave us feeling low in self worth, self critical and unloved.

To abuse another is to try to dominate and have power over them. So abuse is designed to make you feel dis-empowered.

In order to clear and heal the dis-empowerment, we must re-establish a relationship with the Self. Self love and forgiveness of the Self are so vital and necessary to start that path of redemption.

So start each day with a little affirmation -

' I love you, I forgive you'

Even these simple words said to yourself with conviction each day will start a process of healing and transformation.

3. Find Support

You don't need to suffer alone and carry the burden forever within you. There is always support and love from others out there in the world if you but ask for it. Ask you Higher guidance to send you information, people and environments that lift your soul, soothe your heart and give you hope.

4. No Amount Of Pain Or Suffering Is Permanent

I believe that every condition of suffering, pain and dis-ease is treatable and able to be healed.

You are a Child of Light, born of the God/Goddess and your spiritual self is incorruptible and innocent. Whilst our physical self can suffer, our spiritual self is ever held in the glory and majesty of the mighty God/Goddess and always retains its innocence and peace.

So whilst the pain, abuse and suffering experienced in this world is real, it is absolutely able to be transmuted, cleansed and released through the gift of healing and redemption.

Recognise that you have the power to release the pain and trauma from the past.

Effectively Healing Your Body & Consciousness

Through my practise as a frequency or energy healer, I have come to work with many people who have carried the burden and pain of past abuse.

True healing from abuse can only occur when one works holistically with the totality of body, consciousness and the many energetic layers that make up our etheric body.

You see trauma may be lodged in very specific parts of the energetic makeup, that require a specific healing response in order to clear and release the blockages and pain. Energy healing can be very effective because it works on the totality of the body & consciousness, not just one layer.

I work with a multi-dimensional modality, called Transference Healing, which has specific procedures that work with the clearing and healing of abuse, whether from this lifetime, or past lifetimes.

Rather than diagnose, it looks deeply into the etheric makeup of the body/consciousness and starts to decode old pain/limitations from the genetics/DNA and energetic bodies, so that higher frequencies of prana, light and nutrients can be filtered into the body for a shift of consciousness and energetic rebirth.

It has powerful energetic procedures that support the gentle release of pain and trauma, clearing the emotional, psychological and mental responses, so that healing and a new sense of self can be obtained.

It isn't even necessary to speak about past trauma in a healing session if you don't feel comfortable, because the energetic work supports the gentle and uplifting healing process anyway. The key is a safe and supportive environment where you can finally start releasing the pain and restriction, and start building new foundations.

Remember dear one, there is always hope, there is always beautiful healing that can occur when you have the courage to face the wounds from the past and with love, and release them into the Light.

Rainbow hope

If this post resonates with you, and you would like energetic support to create in depth healing, self forgiveness and new beginnings in your life, then feel free to contact me using the details below.

I offer energy healing sessions from my sacred space in Tugun, Gold Coast, and also offer distance healings & skype sessions for those who are not local.


Andrew - Registered Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher


T: 0435 624 951

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