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Distance Healing -
Transference Healing® Sessions

Distance Healing Sessions

What is Distance Healing?

Distance Healing in simple terms is where the Healing Facilitator and the Client receiving the healing are in different geographical locations. Distance Healing is the process of facilitating a healing over time and space to effect real and effective change in the client's energy field, consciousness and physical body.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Quantum Physics has already shown that human thoughts can and do effect the outcome of experiments, even when there is significant physical distance between the observer and the experiment. Science is also slowly grasping the nature of our Universe - that we exist in a cohesive holographic field, where energy reigns supreme, and physical matter or density is in fact anything but! Our atoms and cells are mostly empty space, yet our physical body 'appears' solid.

Have you ever thought of a person right before they call you, even if they live far away from you? How is this possible unless we are connected through the unseen dimensions in a cohesive and tangible way.

Distance Healing works in that a Healing Facilitator taps into this Universal Holographic field of energy, and enters into a state of consciousness where the boundaries of time and space dissolve.

In a Transference Healing session, the Healing Practitioner enters a deep and heightened state of consciousness, and allows themselves to be a 'channel' for Universal frequency. They call in the person's etheric or energetic body into their healing space, to receive the healing session.

Once the healing is complete, the client's etheric body is 'grounded' back into the Earth to help anchor the healing, and also the person's consciousness back into immediate reality. The etheric body is then, through intent, sent back through time and space to integrate back into the client's immediate physical reality and time. All of this is delegated from the person's Higher Self and Spirit, and is always done with the utmost integrity and permission of the person receiving the healing.

Will I Feel Anything When the Distance Healing is Being Performed?

Every person is unique in how they experience a Distance Healing session. Some people are very sensitive to energy and can feel different sensations, visions or experiences through a healing. Others may not feel much sensation, but instead just feel really relaxed, or fall asleep. There is no right or wrong and regardless of what is or isn't experienced, know that each session creates a powerful shift and upgrade in your energetic field and consciousness.

Follow Up Call


​Once the healing session is completed, you receive a follow-up call to discuss the healing changes and upgrades coming through for you. This includes an individual channelled reading that interprets, through psychic awareness, the healing impacts, wisdom and messages relevant for your Soul growth and expansion of consciousness.


Lightbody Essence

As part of the healing session, you also receive a 'Lightbody Essence' which is a crystal combination essence that supports the healing  upgrades and integration of the session over the coming weeks. This is sent by post, usually by the next business day.

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