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Starting Wednesday 2nd January 2019



Join us as we embark upon a 30 day challenge, to raise our consciousness.

This 30 day challenge is designed to help you raise your consciousness and vibration, with simple yet effective daily exercises. Most only take 10mins to do, so this is a really do-able challenge that will leave you feeling expanded, empowered and more balanced in your life.


By completing this 30 day challenge, you will raise your consciousness and have an abundance of exercises you can continue using in your daily life to keep you in heightened consciousness.


The benefits of raising your consciousness include -

  • Feeling more at peace in your life;

  • Overcome fears and have more confidence;

  • Expanded awareness allowing more intuitive thinking;

  • Seeing the bigger picture and not getting caught up in drama so much;

  • More connection to your Higher & Soul Self bringing more fulfilment in life;

  • Happier, Healthier & more connected to the abundance of life

  • Plus much more!

Try to commit to the exercise each day, most exercises are only 10 minutes.


If you miss a day, try to catch up the next by doing both days. You are welcome to join part-way through, just start from the current day. But for maximum benefit and effect, it is recommended to do the whole 30 day challenge.


When we transmute our own negativity and counteract negativity from those around us, with love, we raise our own consciousness, and the collective consciousness of the whole world. The best gift you can give the world, is to raise your consciousness and be part of the collective consciousness raising that will see our new age of peace, enlightenment and re-connection manifest upon this Earth.


Blessings & good luck on your 30 day challenge!


How to Join


1. Via Facebook Group - link here


2. Via email - not on Facebook? Fill in form below and join the group to receive daily emails.

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30 Day Summary - Daily Task
(daily task will be shown as each day commences)


Day 1 - Wed 2nd: White Light Meditation

Day 2 - Thur 3rd: Random Act of Kindness

Day 3 - Fri 4th: Ground

Day 4 - Sat 5th: Detach

Day 5 - Sun 6th: List 3 Things You Are Grateful For

Day 6 - Mon 7th: Compliment Another

Day 7 - Tue 8th: Light a Candle

Day 8 - Wed 9th: Divine Violet Flame

Day 9 - Thur 10th: tba

Day 10 - Fri 11th: tba

Day 11 - Sat 12th: tba

Day 12 - Sun 13th: tba

Day 13 - Mon 14th: tba

Day 14 - Tue 15th: tba

Day 15 - Wed 16th: tba

Day 16 - Thur 17th: tba

Day 17 - Fri 18th: tba

Day 18 - Sat 19th: tba

Day 19 - Sun 20th: tba

Day 20 - Mon 21st: tba

Day 21 - Tue 22nd: tba

Day 22 - Wed 23rd: tba

Day 23 - Thur 24th: tba

Day 24 - Fri 25th: tba

Day 25 - Sat 26th: tba

Day 26 - Sun 27th: tba

Day 27 - Mon 28th: tba

Day 28 - Tue 29th: tba

Day 29 - Wed 30th: tba

Day 30 - Thur 31st: tba

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