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Workshop Booking Policy

Transference Healing Centaur Banne

When You Book In For a Transference Healing Workshop

Booking in for a Transference Healing workshop is an exciting and empowering experience.

Please know that as soon as you commit to a workshop and pay your deposit that your Higher Self and Spirit begin to prepare you energetically.


This means that you are in a state of initiation to receive a beautiful upgrade and shift in your frequency and life. The key is to stay open to the changes and circumstances that arise in your life. Sometimes old emotions, physical detox, or circumstances arise to be gently cleared and shifted out of your life so that you are ready to receive the sacred teachings and healing that occurs through every workshop.


Stay open to the changes and be willing to let go of the old, so that you may embrace a new, better way of Being. Sometimes you may even be tested to see how much you are commited to this new path. Know that you are ready and just surrender to the guidance of Spirit at this time as you energetically prepare.

I am always available for a call or email if you need support through this amazing time of growth and upgrade.

Booking Policy & Cancellation

Please note the following booking policy when you register your interest for a workshop.



Deposits once paid are non-refundable. So please be sure of your commitment before paying any deposits. Workshop materials are ordered from Head Office so once an order has been placed, this is physically and energetically prepared by the team.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule then your deposit can be used against sitting the same workshop at a future date. Or if materials have not yet been prepared for you, you may use the deposit to sit any other Transference Healing workshop or training with me.

For the Fundamental Training, once Alexis has prepared your kit (Lightbody Essences), then any deposits paid can only be used against future Fundamental Training. This is because the programmed Lightbody Essences are unique to you.


Final Balance

If you have paid the final balance or workshop cost and wish to cancel, the following cancellation fees apply.



Cancellation Fees


  • Cancellation > 1 week before the workshop - deposit non-refundable, remainder balance refundable or can be used towards other workshops/healing sessions;

  • Cancellation < 1 week - 48hrs before the workshop - deposit non-refundable + $50 cancellation fee. Remainder of balance refundable or used against other services;

  • Cancellation < 48hrs before the workshop - deposit non-refundable + 50% of remaining balance charged.


Payment Options


  • Bank transfer (email me for details)

  • Cash (on the day if attending in person to pay final balance)

  • Paypal (use the links on this website)

  • Debit/credit card if attending in person (to pay balance on workshop day)

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