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Online 10-Day Group Healing Journey

12:12 - 21:12 Gateway of Christ Transformation

A conscious 10-day journey to align you with the powerful 12/12 - 21/12 Gateway to create uplifting and Light-expansive transformation in your Being & reality.


Starting Sunday 12th December 2021

See schedule below for further details.


The 12:12 & also 21:12 group healing/meditation events can be done as stand-alone if you are unable to commit to the full 10-days 

(bookings by 11th Dec, unless doing individual 21:12 event - then booking by day before)

Participation Options



12:12 'Circle of Fire' Group Healing & Meditation

1212 GATEWAY Sq.png

'Circle of Fire' shamanic group healing

Video with feedback of the healing aspects/upgrades for the group
12:12 Channelled Meditation

21:12 Solstice Group Transference Healing & Christ Realms Meditation

2112 SOLSTICE Sq.png

1.5hr group Transference Healing session

Video feedback & channelled messages for the group
21:12 Channelled 'Christ Realms' Meditation

12:12 - 21:12 Full 10-Day Sacred Journey

Full Event Sq.png

Pre-event welcome & opening our sacred space

both the 12:12 & 21:12 group healing & meditation events
Daily Rituals and/or meditations delivered to your inbox

(payment plan available, please
email for details)


Pre-Event - Welcoming You into Sacred Space

Sat 11th Dec

You will receive an email link on Saturday evening inviting you to watch a short introductory video to tune into our sacred space and open your own connection to the Light & Light-Beings that will be supporting us over the 10 days.

Day 1 - 12:12 Gateway | Group Healing & Meditation

Sun 12th Dec

Andrew will be calling in all participants etherically (energetically) to receive a sacred 'Circle of Fire' shamanic healing ritual.


This Transference Healing sacred ritual calls in the shamanic powers, elements, animals & nature to create a deep cleansing and purification on all levels (physical, energetic, spiritual & emotional). Release the burdens, stress and dynamics you've experienced in 2021 - and through the last eclipse doorway so that you can feel energetically cleansed and reborn back into the Light. Receive Divine Healing, Love & support through this ritual.


Following on from this, you will receive a link to a channelled, guided meditation to connect you with the auspicious and expansive 12:12 Gateway.  

Day 2 - 9 | Daily Rituals/Meditations

Mon 13th - Mon 20th Dec

Each morning, receive daily inspiration, rituals &/or meditations to help you anchor the wisdom and frequencies of the 12:12 - 21:12 Gateway, whilst consistently lifting you into higher states of frequency and connection.


You will receive short (10-15min) daily rituals and exercises that can easily fit into your day, and help you stay connected and lifted up into the higher frequencies that this Gateway provides. 


Make a deeper connection with yourself at this time, feel the love and guidance from your Spiritual Guides & the Higher Lightbeings as you remember the joy and love of being in daily communion with your own heart, the God/Goddess and your Soul Self.

Day 10 - 21:12 Gateway & Solstice | Group Healing & Meditation

Tue 21st Dec

Our final day and the crowning event to create another deep healing transforma