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Mon, 20 Dec


Online Event

21:12 Solstice Group Transference Healing & Christ Realms Meditation

Join in this event to receive a 1.5hr group Transference Healing session to create powerful alchemy, upgrades and shifts in your body & consciousness...followed by a 21:12 Channelled Meditation to help you connect with the Christ Realms and receive their blessings at this time.

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21:12 Solstice Group Transference Healing & Christ Realms Meditation
21:12 Solstice Group Transference Healing & Christ Realms Meditation

Time & Location

20 Dec 2021, 12:00 pm AEST – 21 Dec 2021, 12:00 pm AEST

Online Event

About the Event

The 21:12 Solstice

This day completes the 12:12 - 21:12 Gateway. I am feeling that it is restoring the Light of hope, Christed Consciousness and a new way of living into our reality here on Earth.

The old world is rapidly crumbling and we are being given a vital opportunity to stay stuck in the past, or instead boldly step into our newly evolving world. We choose by where we put our energy and focus, and this event will help you remember your Divine spark of Light, your True Essence and the magnificence you really hold within your Being. 

By embracing the way of peace, hope, unconditional love and healing...we can create a whole new reality and possibility for 2022.

In particular the Masters & Beings from the Christ Realms will be supporting this portal and shift in the psyche and collective emotional field of humanity.

As we embrace our own Light and Christ Consciousness within, we become the master and co-creator of our birthing and evolving Golden Age here on Earth, rising above the illusion and distractions of the old world and ways that are rapidly disintegrating.


The potent numerology of this date is clear to see - 21:12:2021

3 x 1's; 4 x 2's, 1 x 0 and the date reducing to 3:3:5 = 11/2

This not only activates the 1's of unity and new beginnings, but brings up themes of duality (2) & relationships to be healed and 2 helping to unify the conflicting forces, both within and without.

Embracing Your Light at this Pivotal Time

By participating in this group Transfeence Healing and activation, you are not only supporting your own spiriutal growth and evolution, but are also helping anchor 'Light' and higher codes for greater humanity and our species, so that we may accelerate and anchor our new 5th dimensional Golden Age birthing upon the planet this century.

What You Will Receive 

A Transference Healing session run on the group -

This will be done prior to the main meditation event. During this healing you will be called in energetically around midday (AEST) to receive a powerful healing that creates alchemy and transformation on all levels and layers of your physical and energetic makeup.

Release the burdens, stress and energies of 2021...and also from the intense eclispe portal, that occured late Nov - early Dec, so that you may restore hope, light and love into your heart and start to remember your true essence.

A video link will be provided shortly before 7pm AEST which gives channelled feedback from the healing and delves into the key healing areas for the group and how this is relevant for you at this time.

Online 21:12 Solstice 'Christ Realms' meditation  -

Then at 7pm you will participate in a guided 21:12 mediatation designed to powerfully shift your vibration and allow you to experience a connection with the 21:12 Solstice, the Higher Dimensions of Light and your Lightbody. The meditation is designed to lift you into the Light and experience the expanded and Higher aspects of Self for healing, activation and integration of the Christ codes that are filtering through at this time. Receive a healing through your heart so that you can find more trust, hope and joy in your life.

A link and password will be provided shortly before 7pm so that you can access the pre-recorded online meditation.​

This Event will be great for you to:

  • release the burden, old emotions and stress of the past 12 months;
  • be more receptive to the powerful Light frequencies from the 21:12 Solstice;
  • integrate more your Lightbody, be templated with higher Light codes & keys, and accelerate your spiritual growth,;
  • clear symptoms that might be manifesting, bringing back your balance & wellness;
  • instil hope & love, restore your faith in Spirit;
  • allow you to feel more the support of Spirit and create a 'reset' and new energetic template leading into 2022.


Click on the booking link and you'll be taken to Paypal to complete your booking. Don't have a Paypal account? No problem. Once you're on the Paypal page, just click the 'Pay with a Card' button and you'll be able to pay with a debit/credit card without setting up a Paypal account.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking within 24hrs.

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email me at

Thank you!​

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

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