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The seven meditations included are the Magic Tree Meditation, Whale Meditation, Lotus Meditation, Spaceship Meditation, Lyra’s Harp Meditation, Guardian Dragon Meditation, Merlin & the Crystal Cave Meditation. These seven meditations allow your child to utilise the creative power of their intuitive imagination as they journey into magical worlds.

Selected from the Child of Light Meditation and Affirmation Book and Card Set, they create a powerful, energetic healing process that is not only fun and inspirational, but also creates alchemy, supporting overall wellness in the body and consciousness. These meditations will help heal your child’s emotions, and enhance their personal and creative expression.

Your child will be taken on a journey where they can make friends with a dragon, be healed by a crystal and travel to an enchanted forest. Help your child explore the vast expanse of their imagination through these unique guided meditations.  Spoken by Alexis Cartwright.


These meditations have been created to work with children aged five to fifteen years.

COMPOSER:  Peter Gill


Child of Light Meditation CD

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