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The unique Transference Healing® Child of Light meditation book takes your child on a magical journey that supports them to heal fears, tensions and worries that arise in their body and consciousness, while also introducing them to meditative practice. These 25 distinct and energetically powerful meditations allow parents, friends and loved ones the opportunity to connect with children in a fun and imaginative way.


Make friends with a dragon, be healed by a crystal and travel to an enchanted forest. Fly high on the wings of an angel and swim to the depths of the ocean, meeting whales, dolphins and mermaids along the way. Laugh and play with your child as you help them to explore the vast expanse of their imagination.


Accompanying each meditation is a colourful and inspirational affirmation card that provides a visual representation of each meditation. This Child of Light deck, written by Alexis Cartwright, is a wonderful way to introduce children aged two to fifteen to the healing qualities of affirmation. When drawn, each card acts as a divination reading, providing a powerful affirmation for your child’s day. They inspire your child to look at, feel into and embrace profound thoughts and messages, awakening them to new levels of awareness regarding their emotions and the situations they encounter in their daily lives.

Child of Light Meditation Book & Card Set

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