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Product Description


This unique and beautiful divination tool contains 56 Animal Magic cards accompanied by a companion book that offers extensive insight into the meaning and healing attributes of each card.


Drawing from the animal totems of various shamanic traditions, this book and card set celebrates our Earth animals, as well beings of the Mythical and Elemental Kingdoms that energetically interact with us from different realms. Celebrating the wonder of Gaia’s kingdom, this spiritual tool instils a wealth of sacred knowledge, insight and powerful healing energy.


The cards feature inspiring illustrations that capture the unique energies of each animal. The accompanying information offers insight into the growth and issues you may be experiencing if the card is divined, as well as the more universal lessons you are being triggered to master. This insight helps you to identify the universal forces playing out in your life, facilitating shifts in consciousness for lightbody integration.


Through daily divination you will begin to master the teachings of the animal kingdom, finding constant companions in the elemental presence. These elemental beings will guide and protect you on your spiritual journey. They will assist you to expand your awareness, and develop a greater connection to your Higher Self, the God/Goddess and the multidimensional reality in which you live.

Animal Magic Divination Cards

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