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Thu, 22 July


Online Event

Saint Mary Magdalene's Feast Day 2021

Group Healing & Meditation to connect with Saint Mary Magdalene in honour of her Feast Day, and to work with the sacred technology and powers of the Pentagram.

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Saint Mary Magdalene's Feast Day 2021
Saint Mary Magdalene's Feast Day 2021

Time & Location

22 July 2021, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEST

Online Event

About the Event

What This Event Is About

In honour of Saint Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, and her incredible legacy she left for truth seekers and spiritual initiates on this Earth. 

Today we will be making an enegetic connection with Mary Magdalene, to feel her Divine Presence and receive healing and transformation through the Goddess.

In particular we'll be working with the sacred technology and wisdom of the Pentagram. This Goddess symbol connects us with Venus, the planet of Love, and the Sirian Dimensions which hold teachings and frequencies supporting the reconnection to the Light, our Lightbody and the Goddess vibration.

By working with the Pentagram in this group healing & meditation, you will have an opportunity to receive a deeper balancing and healing through the 4 Earth elements - Earth, Air, Fire & Water, in order to birth the elusive and missing element of Ether (or Light).

For when you can connect with, sustain and hold a more pure vibration of Ether and Light...the Divine worlds and Realms of Ascended Masters become that much more accessible to you.

Mary Magdalene invites you to connect with her Divine Love, her pure Faith so that you may feel more of the Light and unconditional love and support in your life.

Summary of Event

Group Healing

You will receive a distance group healing to help clear and release any manifesting symptoms, fear or pain at this time. As you release and heal imbalances, you will be supported to anchor the sacred technology of the Pentagram to bring through greater balance of the 5 elements in your body & consciousness.

Allow yourself to be infused with the Goddess vibration, as we connect to the Pentagram, Venus and the Sirian dimensions to encode higher frequencies of Divine Love, Divine Light and Lightbody technology.

Online Meditation

Following this group healing, in the evening, you will participate in an online meditation. We will make an energetic connection with Saint Mary Magdalene. Specifically we will be connecting with the sacred vibration of Pentagram to encode a specific healing response, balancing of the 5 elements and birthing of Light within your body & consciousness.

Why Join This Event?

This event will be perfect if you would like to:

- feel the unshakable faith, Divine Love and guidance of this holy Goddess Vessel - Magdalene;

- receive a deep healing and feel more balanced within body & consciousness

- understand more about the sacred teachings of the Pentagram and encode this more within your Being.

What You Will Receive (Detailed)

A full, advanced Transference Healing session run on the group -

This will be done prior to the main meditation event, around midday. This group healing session will help to release any energetic blockages, imbalances, old emotions, fear & pain so that you can feel 'Lighter' and more easily connect with the 'Light.'

It incorporates over 50 different energetic, spiritual, shamanic and crystalline procedures to help lift you from one state of Being, into a higher and more refined state of Being.

You can receive this healing regardless of what you are doing at the appointed time. Your 'Higher Self' will delegate when/how you 'download' this healing upgrade into your body & consciousness. 

A video link will be provided shortly before 7pm which gives channelled feedback from the healing and delves into the key healing areas for the group and how this is relevant for you at this time.

Online alchemical meditation (attunement & activation) -

Then at 7pm AEST you will participate in a guided alchemical mediatation that will connect you with the energetic presence of St Mary Magdalene and the sacred vibration of the Pentagram.

This meditation is encoded with healing frequencies and alchemy to enable a deep shift in your body & consciousness, so that you may feel this Divine connection in your awareness and support the birthing of Ether or Light within your Being.

A link and password will be provided shortly before 7pm so that you can access the pre-recorded online meditation.​


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You will receive an email confirmation of your booking within 24hrs.

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email me at

Thank you!​

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

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