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11:11 Portal 2020

Group Healing & Meditation to activate the 11:11 high-frequency codes for Lightbody activation and awakening Christ Consciousness within.
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Nov 11, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+10
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About the Event

What is the 11:11 Portal 2020?

The 11:11 portal is an energetic activation and infusion of Light from the Spiritual Heirarchy and cosmic dimensions that support the Earth and Humanity to embody higher codes of Light. Specifically it supports the activation, anchoring and upgrade of the Lightbody, and helps to awaken 'Christ' consciousness within our hearts, for those who are open and attuning to these energies.

This year in particular, humanity are going through such a big purification and radical change in the way we live, interact and go about our lives. This particular 11:11 Portal represents an opporunity to make a radical and 'enlightening' shift in the way you perceive reality, and embody more peace and wisdom through 'unity consciousness' by understanding the deeper reality of existence.

By rising above the distractions of duality and the ego, one can truly embrace inner-peace, compassion and Divine Love, while awakening Light and your Lightbody for the attainment of spiritual wisdom and clarity.


The potent numerology of this date is clear to see - 11:11:2020

4 x 1's; 2 x 2's, 2 x 0's and the date reducing to 2:2:2+2 = 8

This date holds a great deal of balance, symmetry and 'grounded' energy.

The 1's signifying new beginnings, and everything reducing down to a singular point - unity.

The 2's helping us to unify the forces of duality, yin/yang, light/dark

The 8 vibrational day then holds the freuqencies carried over from the 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal, and brings through 'abundance' 'infinity symbol' and showing the deeper wisdom of the cycles of nature, the Universe and all of creation.

Embracing Your Light at this Pivotal Time

By participating in this group healing and activation, you are not only supporting your own spiriutal growth and evolution, but are also helping anchor 'Light' and higher codes for greater humanity and our species, so that we may accelerate and anchor our new 5th dimensional Golden Age birthing upon the planet this century.

What You Will Receive 

A full, advanced Transference Healing session run on the group -

This will be done prior to the main meditation event. During this healing we will be connecting to the 11:11 Portal and the higher Spiritual Realms. The healing will help to anchor Light-codes and frequency upgrades into your body, consciousness, DNA and cells. It will help you overcome duality more and rise above the distractions of 'ego' to see your life and the world more through a spiritual lense of love and compassion.

This healing session also creates alchemy in the body (ability to shift into a higher vibration and come into greater alingment) plus activate your Lightbody, which is a higher aspect of Self that connects you to your spirituality and Higher Realms.

A video link will be provided shortly before 7pm which gives channelled feedback from the healing and delves into the key healing areas for the group and how this is relevant for you at this time.

Online alchemical meditation (attunement & activation) -

Then at 7pm you will participate in a guided alchemical mediatation designed to powerfully shift your vibration and allow you to experience a connection with the 11:11 Portal, the Spiritual Dimensions of Light and your Lightbody. The meditation is designed to lift you into the Light and experience the expanded and Higher aspects of Self for healing, activation and integration of the stellar/Light/11:11 codes available at this time. 

You will be supported to anchor your Lightbody - your body of Light and of your Divinity, so as to tap into & receive this beautiful influx of Cosmic and  'Christ' Light.

The Attunement & Activation will assist you in awakening more spiritual and higher qualities within your life, and experience connecting with your Lightbody. You will also have an opportunity to feel and receive the Universal 'Christ' frequencies for embodiment of your Higher & Divine Self. 

A link and password will be provided shortly before 7pm so that you can access the pre-recorded online meditation.​

This Event will be great for you to:

  • overcome duality and find more inner-peace, wisdom and strength of embodying 'spiritual sight.'
  • be more receptive to the powerful Light frequencies from the 11:11 Portal, so as to manifest a new cycle of your personal growth & co-support humanity in anchoring our new 5th dimensonal world & reality;
  • integrate more your Lightbody, be templated with higher Light codes & keys, and accelerate your spiritual growth,;
  • clear symptoms that might be manifesting, bringing back your balance & wellness;
  • instil hope & love, restore your faith in Spirit;
  • expand your reality, connect to your Higher Self and Divinity, and broaden your spiritual horizons; initiate positive changes and transformation within yourself and in your reality.


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Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

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