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Transference Healing Human Aura Lightbody in lush Green Forest

Multi-dimensional healing for wellness, revitalisation, spiritual awakening and empowerment


Hi I'm Andrew,

Welcome to Ethereal Alchemy -
Experienced Transference Healing Practitioner

Healing Services - Gold Coast & Surrounds | Distance Healing Worldwide

Modern Alchemist

Multi-dimensional Frequency Healer

Soul Guidance | Spiritual Teacher


refined, non-material, spiritual or celestial (not of this material world)


the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Eg, turning a base metal into gold.

Merkabah silver
Merkabah silver

About Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew Grieve Transference Healing Practitioner wearing Om pendant

Andrew is a modern Alchemist and Mystery School Initiate. He works with the 7th-dimensional frequency healing modality of Transference Healing to create amazing shifts and upgrades in clients' lives.

By tapping into the deepest and hidden etheric dimensions of the energetic makeup and matrix of the body, effective and lasting healing can be achieved. Intuitive healers, Mystics, Shamans and Indigenous cultures of the past (and present) understood that imbalance and dis-ease comes from the subtle, spiritual and energetic levels, before manifesting in the physical.

Therefore effective healing and maintaining wellness can only be achieved by treating the whole (holistic), rather than just focusing on one level in isolation, such as the physical body only.

​Transference Healing is a modality of our future selves we are evolving into. It incorporates powerful healing procedures (shamanic, crystalline, sound, colour, geometry and Lightbody technology) to weave an alchemical process through the body & consciousness that is truly Divine and pure in essence.

Ethereal Alchemy was birthed to support you in your journey of self-healing, self-mastery and spiritual awakening & empowerment.

By experiencing this transformational healing modality, you have the opportunity to create more health, happiness, soul fulfillment and abundance in your life. You are not meant to struggle in this lifetime, and there is a pathway that can create true freedom and spiritual liberation for those who dare to delve within.

Offering in-person healing appointments from my sacred healing space at Tugun, Gold Coast, and also Distance Healing sessions via phone/skype worldwide with an international client base.


Healing Services

Let me share with you the amazing energy healing and ascension modality of Transference Healing®. Energy healing in our new 5th dimensional reality.


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Transference Healing® holds the technology, wisdom, integrity & connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy to support all those that are drawn to its Divine frequencies. Know that if you are reading this today, and these words resonate in your heart, that you are meant to be here.

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Sacred seaside healing space located in Tugun, Gold Coast, QLD, 4224
Servicing Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Full address details provided upon booking an appointment.
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