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Connecting with the Water Spirits

Online Group Healing & Meditation Event

Friday 11th March 2022
(bookings by 10th Mar - see details below)

Receive a 1.5hr Advanced Group Transference Healing (remote session) &
participate in healing channelled meditation

Water Spirits Group Healing.png

Water is one of the essential elements of Life, and in its pure form offers incredible healing, wisdom and crystal clarity for us.

This group event will help you to make a deeper connection to the Element of water, through the Water Spirits and Undine (Water Elementals) who protect, sustain and restore the purest vibrations of water on our planet.

This is an opportunity to allow a deeper connection to your emotions, to crystallise your emotional body more and receive the healing vibrations of pure water from the deep underground aquifers, streams and Elemental Realms.


Be cleansed in the pure vibrations of water, feel the flow of life and emotions restored, and make a deeper connection to your own internal 'flows' and rhythms of this incredible element. 

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Energy Exchange: $70 AUD

No upcoming events at the moment


11th March 2022: Connecting with the Water Spirits - Group Healing & Online Meditation

Booking deadlines:


  • 9pm AEST on the day prior to each event.

This group healing and online meditation is designed to create a healing and upgrade in your body & consciousness. 

The intention is to help shift your vibration in a powerful way, so that deep healing can be obtained, and re-connection to the refined, higher Realms of Light. Andrew is passionate about sharing the experiences and frequencies of the Higher Realms and showing others the way of ascension and healing. He works extensively with frequency healing, meditation and the Higher Realms of Light to help others in their re-connection, healing and experience of these amazing Realms.

We are all Divine Beings and life is meant to be lived in a state of ease and grace. It's sometimes hard to remember and experience that in our often stressful and busy lives. Join this Group Healing Event and unplug from the day to day, and be suspended in a higher 5th dimensional space, connecting to the Divine!

What is a Group Healing?

It's an opportunity to receive a 5th dimensional frequency healing as part of a small soul group.​ Following the healing, channelled information is shared relevant to the group and individual healing process. Andrew utilises the 7th dimensional frequency healing modality of Transference Healing to facilitate the group healings. This creates alchemy (shifting the body and consciousness into a higher state) and works with unique Lightbody technology for the re-connection to your Spiritual Self.


You will not only receive a group frequency healing, but information and channelled wisdom is shared during the event to help you embody the frequencies brought through on the night. This includes guided meditations during the event, to help you connect and integrate the energies being brought through.

NB: When listening to the recording online, it is suggested you create a quiet and sacred space for yourself. Ensure your phone and if off and you won't be disturbed. A great way to prepare is to light a candle, and allow yourself to be in a relaxed, meditative state. You can also burn sage or use room sprays to help lift the energy in your room, prior to starting if you have these.

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