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Special Offer - Book Together & Save

Animal Totem Reading + Transference Healing Session

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Investment: $199

(save $21 when booked together)

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(if attending reading/healing in person, for Skype sessions click 'Buy Now'

1hr Animal Magic Totem Reading for 2020 + 1.5-2hr Transference Healing Session

Book this combination package and receive guidance for 2020 through the Animal Magic Totem Reading, plus a powerful healing session that will help to shift you into a higher vibration and align you to the 'Light' to start 2020 in synchronicity with your Soul and the Universe.

These sessions will be facilitated on separate days, at mutually convenient times, to allow the full power and impact to be absorbed into your body & consciousness.

You can either attend in person at my sacred healing space in Tugun, Gold Coast; or both sessions can be facilitated via Skype/telephone worldwide.

  • Animal Totem Reading - a 1 hour session in total that includes a 3 card totem reading giving you insight, soul potential and healing aspects relevant for your coming 6-12 months;


  • Transference Healing Session - a 1.5-2hr healing session that incorporates alchemy (shifting the body & consciousness from a lower state, into a higher state) and Lightbody technology (for the birthing of higher attributes, encoding Light and higher frequencies into your Being)



You will receive:


  • A channelled, personal Totem Reading;

  • CD or MP3 Recording of the channelling;

  • A separate, Personal Meditation - following the reading, you will receive a personal meditation to help you connect with the 3 totem animals. This meditation can be listened back to at any time when you wish to make a re-connection to your totem animal guides;

  • Transference Healing Session;

  • Recording of the channelled healing feedback;

  • Crystal Lightbody Essence - to support the healing integrations of the session


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