Evening event to discover more about the upcoming Fundamental Training, receive guided meditations & a group healing

Tugun, Gold Coast

Is your spiritual awakening calling?

Investment: $40 

(cash on the night, or email for bank details to pay prior)


Are you being called to step into your power and become all you are meant to be in this life?



Is your inner voice compelling you to awaken and accelerate your healing and spiritual journey?


Starting the 29th September, Andrew will be hosting a Transference Healing® 3 Day Practitioner – Fundamentals Training on the Gold Coast.

This meetup event is designed as a pre-event, for those of you who may be interested in attending this 3 Day training on 29th Sep, but would like to find out more information first. 




Note: Limited spaces, so ensure you book today! RSVP essential by 9pm Tuesday 29th Aug.



Investment:$40 (cash on the night, or bank transfer prior to the night. Please email to request details if paying by transfer)


Time: 6:45pm - 8:10pm Wednesday 30th August



Firstly, what is the Transference Healing® Fundamentals Training about?

Click here to learn more about the Fundamental Training.

Who is the Pre-event for?

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about this 3 day training. It's also an opportunity to be suspended in a high frequency space and receive guided meditations and also a group healing on the night.



The evening will include:

  • Overview of the 3 day fundamental training and how this can radically change your life, creating in depth healing, spiritual growth & empowerment;


  • Information shared on why frequency healing is so effective and necessary at this critical time of Earth & human ascension;


  • No obligation opportunity to experience first-hand the frequencies of Transference Healing through a number of guided meditations on the night;


  • A Group healing done live on all attendees, giving you a taste of what you will learn in the 3 day training.


  • Q&A: Opportunities to ask any questions at the end, about the 3 day training, or even about the smaller 1 day workshops we also host.



More about the Group Healing

For all who attend on the night, Andrew will be performing a healing for the group. It’s a procedure called ‘Holding Power of Light’ and helps to shift you into a higher vibration. It also then helps you to ‘Hold’ this new, higher level of Light within your body & consciousness.

The ‘Holding Power of Light’ is like a ‘mini healing’ within the full fundamental healing session taught throughout the 3 day training. Therefore, you are getting a first-hand experience of part of the frequency healing you would be taught, and what this feels like. Nice hey!



Questions & Answers

At the end of the group healing, there will also be opportunity for any questions you may have about Transference Healing, the 3 day training, or even our smaller 1 day workshops.




Email: andrew@ethereal-alchemy.com

Tel: Andrew on 0435 624 951


Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email. Location and address details will be emailed to you shortly before the event (held in Tugun, Gold Coast).

RSVP & Cancellation

Due to limited spaces, and the time & energy involved in creating this event, we would respectfully ask that all those who RSVP to attend, are committed to attending. If you need to cancel for any reason, please allow 24 hours notice, so that we can offer the spare space to another person on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.




Please note that there is no obligation to attend the 3 day training if you come to this pre-event. It’s about giving you the opportunity to find out more, and whether this is of interest to you. Even you can’t attend the September training, but are still curious to learn more, you are most welcome to attend.


For the 3 Day Fundamental Training: Bookings close 5th September

Energy Healing Practitioner

Tugun, Gold Coast,

Queensland, 4224

This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd  – ACN 121 645 047.

Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.