A Spiritual Perspective on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus - Love Overcomes Fear

With the constant news of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world at present and fears of a pandemic, is it time to gain a new and higher perspective on this outbreak?

In a world where our news is often served up with fear, anxiety and pain…is there a better way to respond and approach this latest health situation?

The answer, dear friends, is dependent on you and what you choose to put your attention on.

We are powerful and inter-connected spiritual Beings with huge potential, and unlimited resources. When we can go within, still the mind and tap into this vast ocean of spiritual potential, we see how grand the Universe is. We see that we are truly unlimited spiritual Beings clothed within a temporary limited physical reality.

Our true state is one of love, inter-connectedness, balance and peace. But how often are we pulled from this centre into the drama and immediate concerns of our physical world. Of course we are meant to live fully in this physical world, knowing that it’s a huge schoolroom of life lessons to assist our Soul’s growth and expansion. Through a spiritual perspective though, we can rise above the drama and see what's real and relevant in life.

So far what we know of Coronavirus is that it’s highly infectious. It’s mainly affected regions of China, but it’s also spread to many other countries in the world. The media speaks of a pandemic and that may well be the case.


The Statistics of Coronavirus

Is this worse than other outbreaks, or existing viruses such as Influenza? Possibly not. But following the news would certainly make it out that it is very bad. In fact, statistics at the time of writing this, indicate that Coronavirus deaths are in the region of 3-5% of confirmed cases. Compare that to SARS which had a rate of 9.6% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). If we look at existing Influenza, then the WHO’s statistics confirm 9.6% – 13% deaths in worldwide cases.

Death Rates -

Influenza 9.6% - 13% SARS 9.6% COVID-19 3-5%