A Spiritual Perspective on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the constant news of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world at present and fears of a pandemic, is it time to gain a new and higher perspective on this outbreak?

In a world where our news is often served up with fear, anxiety and pain…is there a better way to respond and approach this latest health situation?

The answer, dear friends, is dependent on you and what you choose to put your attention on.

We are powerful and inter-connected spiritual Beings with huge potential, and unlimited resources. When we can go within, still the mind and tap into this vast ocean of spiritual potential, we see how grand the Universe is. We see that we are truly unlimited spiritual Beings clothed within a temporary limited physical reality.

Our true state is one of love, inter-connectedness, balance and peace. But how often are we pulled from this centre into the drama and immediate concerns of our physical world. Of course we are meant to live fully in this physical world, knowing that it’s a huge schoolroom of life lessons to assist our Soul’s growth and expansion. Through a spiritual perspective though, we can rise above the drama and see what's real and relevant in life.

So far what we know of Coronavirus is that it’s highly infectious. It’s mainly affected regions of China, but it’s also spread to many other countries in the world. The media speaks of a pandemic and that may well be the case.

The Statistics of Coronavirus

Is this worse than other outbreaks, or existing viruses such as Influenza? Possibly not. But following the news would certainly make it out that it is very bad. In fact, statistics at the time of writing this, indicate that Coronavirus deaths are in the region of 3-5% of confirmed cases. Compare that to SARS which had a rate of 9.6% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). If we look at existing Influenza, then the WHO’s statistics confirm 9.6% – 13% deaths in worldwide cases.

Death Rates -

Influenza 9.6% - 13% SARS 9.6% COVID-19 3-5%

So in fact, Influenza currently causes higher mortality than Coronavirus! The reason I share this, is to help put things in perspective for you. Combine this with the fact that majority of people who contract Coronavirus will make a full recovery, and children seem to be largely unaffected by it so far. Those most likely to die are the elderly and/or those with existing health conditions, heart or lung problems or cancer etc.

While this is not meant to detract from those who have suffered or even died from this virus, it is meant to serve as a perspective that there are many other risks out there in the world that are more likely to cause death than just this one virus. The world media would have you think otherwise though, and kept in a state of fear!

A Higher Perspective

Part of our human experience is the fact that we all eventually die, and this is in line with our Soul’s journey and evolution. When or how we die is up to our Higher Self and Spirit. We can spend our lives worrying and fearing this moment, or we can instead choose to embrace our limited time and make the most of it in a state of love and acceptance.

Coronavirus is just another virus that has the potential to impact our physical bodies. It is not necessarily worse or better than any other virus or illness we can contract. It is showing up on the world stage to give humanity an opportunity to choose how they respond.

Will we respond with fear and anxiety, or will we respond with love and acceptance? That is the spiritual lesson, and that should be our focus to help raise our perspective and consciousness. And that is why it’s your choice how you respond.

Racism & Segregation – An Ugly Side of Virus Outbreaks

Another ugly side of outbreaks such as these is the racism, mistrust and isolation that often occurs as a result. But again, that comes down to a persons state of consciousness and whether they are responding with fear or love.

Those affected by this virus actually need support, love, acceptance and inclusion…not separation. That doesn’t mean going around and hugging people who are sick, but it does mean fostering attitudes of care, concern and accommodating those who may be suffering. Humanity is always made stronger when we foster acceptance and understanding between communities.

Fear Weakens the Immune

If we choose to respond in a state of fear, stress, anxiety etc, then we actually negatively impact our immune system. This is fairly easy to see in the world. If we look at people who have a lot of fear, anxiety or stress in their lives, then often we see them ill more often or depleted in their health. Conversely, those who hold a state of love, inner peace and balance consistently in their lives will often have less illness or health issues affect them.

Our state of mind, emotions and beliefs therefore play a HUGE role in our health and immunity.

Therefore, the sensible steps to help protect you from contracting Coronavirus, or if you do, minimising symptoms are –

  1. Recognise your state of Being (love or fear) ultimately is the most important factor in maintaining health and wellness. Practise daily resonating a state of love, Divine protection and harmony in all levels of Being, down to the smallest cellular and atomic level.

  2. Incorporate daily practises that are life and immune-affirming such as meditation, healing, yoga, exercise and mindfulness.

  3. Boost your immune through quality food, water, natural supplements and good rest that supports the optimal functioning of your body and health.

  4. What you focus on you attract and create - therefore avoid fear-based news and reporting and instead focus on information and media that promotes higher consciousness. If you have to watch the news, then filter it through a lens of love and acceptance.

  5. Practise common-sense hygiene habits such as regularly washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and other ways that reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

If you find that you’re a person who is often impacted by stress and anxiety, or easily drawn into states of fear and worry, then know that there is HOPE.

You see we mainly run our awareness and state of mind/emotions from the sub-consciousness and unseen levels. Through our early forming years, we often embed beliefs, fears or stress-reactions that we carry into adult life. It is these that then shape our view of the world and reaction to it.

Negative emotions and reactions can arise when we feel powerless or out of control to events occurring around us. But please know that you are NOT powerless or helpless in this world. You are powerful beyond measure, and your spiritual aspect is truly awesome and available right now to help you heal and return to a state of love.

When you can learn to tap into this sub-consciousness world and work with it, you can start to release the fear, pain, stress-reactions and limitations that create blocks in your life. This is something I personally work with daily in my own healing sessions and with clients. To uncover the old fear and limiting beliefs, and transform it into love.

Through inner work, we can all transform pain and fear into something better.

To awaken love and wellness on all levels and strengthen our resolve against illness and misfortune. And through transforming our own fears and state of separation, we once again come into a state of oneness with all, and create a better world for it.

So what’s your choice this time around for this virus….love or fear?

Many blessings,

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Initiate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness and return to a state of love and wellness. www.ethereal-alchemy.com

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