The Year 2300 - A Future Story About Our Current Age

At the turn of the century, in 2300, a child asks her mother -

"I've been learning about history and life in the 21st century at school today. I feel sad learning about it for some reason. What was life like at this time mommy?"

"My dear child, let me tell you about this age from the 20th and 21st century. For it was a time of great change and an important part of our history that helped shape our lifestyle and world we now live in."

Mother: "What did you learn today at school?"

Energy Generation

Child: "We were told that in the past they used basic means of creating energy that hurt our Mother Earth. Is it true that better ways of producing energy were hidden from people for over a century?" Why would people do that?"

Mother: "That is correct my child. They extracted resources out of the Earth to burn in order to create energy. This was a very basic and wasteful way to generate power, and one which caused much suffering and pollution on Mother Earth."

"Of course we have free energy systems now which gather almost unlimited power from the Universal currents. These act in harmony with the environment and provide us with more than