The Year 2300 - A Future Story About Our Current Age

At the turn of the century, in 2300, a child asks her mother -

"I've been learning about history and life in the 21st century at school today. I feel sad learning about it for some reason. What was life like at this time mommy?"

"My dear child, let me tell you about this age from the 20th and 21st century. For it was a time of great change and an important part of our history that helped shape our lifestyle and world we now live in."

Mother: "What did you learn today at school?"

Energy Generation

Child: "We were told that in the past they used basic means of creating energy that hurt our Mother Earth. Is it true that better ways of producing energy were hidden from people for over a century?" Why would people do that?"

Mother: "That is correct my child. They extracted resources out of the Earth to burn in order to create energy. This was a very basic and wasteful way to generate power, and one which caused much suffering and pollution on Mother Earth."

"Of course we have free energy systems now which gather almost unlimited power from the Universal currents. These act in harmony with the environment and provide us with more than adequate power for our needs."

"Like our ancient ancestors of Atlantis, we once again understand the hidden power of crystals, the unseen and hidden dimensions and use these to generate all our communities power and light needs."

"It is also correct that this technology was hidden and suppressed from humanity for many, many years." For some people who lived on the Earth at that time had much fear and greed in their hearts and wanted power and control over others by denying them this technology.

Child: "What is greed mommy?"

Mother: "Oh my dear child, it was a lower state of consciousness that existed at that time. It was where some people felt great lack in their hearts. This caused them to hoard and control resources and power because they didn't understand the beautiful abundance of the Universe and that there was sufficient enough for all."

Health & Medicine

Child: "We also learned today that medicine in the past often hurt people and didn't respect the natural laws. Why did they use things that hurt people's bodies and even caused death? That seems so wrong?"

Mother: "My child, each age teaches humanity certain lessons to help them remember who they are. And each age the people used the gifts of nature to the best of their ability to do what they thought was best."

"However it is true, in the past they had forgotten the laws of nature and to use medicines and healing in line with these. The people lived in much fear and allowed many medicines and ways to be used upon them that sometimes helped solve one symptom, but created many others.

"Again many natural and advanced healing techniques, that respected nature and worked in tune with the body were hidden and suppressed by a few in control of the health systems."

Child: "Why would people do that to each other?

Mother: "You are lucky to live in a time when our society has more acceptance, unity and understanding of each other. It wasn't always like this. In that past time, there was much fear, mistrust and pain in people's hearts. Those in positions of authority were often not there for their wisdom, compassion or leadership."

"As I said my child, it was often fear and greed that made people do things that often hurt rather than really helped people. And the people accepted things that weren't really good for their bodies or healing because through fear they thought it was the only or best way.

"Of course now we use sound and light and nature's food and herbs as healing tools which are in total harmony with nature, create no ill or side-effects in our bodies and treat every part of us, not just our physical bodies."

Child: "I love sitting in our community healing chamber and feeling the energies heal me when I feel unwell mommy. It makes me tingle all inside and feel really good."

Mother: "Yes they certainly feel wonderful and we are so blessed to have them."


Child: "Mum, our teacher told us that the people used paper money and plastic cards to exchange value with each other. But it was a very unfair system that created much suffering in the world."

Mother: "Yes my child, we have a much more advanced way of exchanging value with each other now and one that honours each persons contributions and sovereignty."

"In the past, they used organisations called Banks which created money out of nothing, and then lent it to the people with a condition that they would always pay back more. The people exchanged their physical and mental labour for this unjust money not realising the system was always taking more than they received in return."

"This created much suffering because the system was never equal and meant more money had to be created to keep feeding the unequal supply. This created less value in the money each person held every day and kept them in stuck in a form of slavery which made them servants to this system."

"Again, it was the fear and greed of a few who wanted to hoard this 'money' resource because they thought it gave them power and a sense of authority. But we know that each person here in our world now is equal to us, and we all have more than sufficient for our needs in this beautiful life." Child: "Yes we do mommy, I love you."

Mother: "I love you too my child."

Food & Nourishment

Child: "Mommy, is it true that people died unnecessarily from not enough food? And did some people live without shelter in the world?

(At this point, the child starts to cry in her Mother's lap, feeling the intense suffering and totally unnecessary pain experienced in this time)

Mother: "There, there my divine child. I feel your tears and honour your feelings for those who've come before you"

"Yes it is unfortunately true my child. Many suffered in unnecessary ways as a result of everything we have just spoken about. Through the intentional hiding of great healing & energy generation technology, humanity went through many decades of ignorance and darkness."

"Those who controlled the world's energy resources and money created a sense of scarcity which caused some nations to have surplus food, and others to starve. Many died and suffered pointlessly through this time...and because the masses slumbered in their consciousness, they were numb to this suffering of their beautiful brothers and sisters."

"But as we know my child, all human suffering is temporary, and all is forgiven and transmuted in the awesome presence of our Soul Self and Divine Presence."

"While this was a time of great growing pains, it was also the wonderful birthing of an enlightened age that we now live in. Many at the time did remember their Divine Presence, and came to Earth to build the foundations, create more love and unity and heal the world."

"At first a few came with love and grand visions in their heart, and they stood alone against the many who were asleep." But gradually, this wave of love and hope washed through all human hearts and healed even the most hardened and fearful ones."

Child: "Thank you mommy for sharing. They must have been brave those ones who came first and helped create change and healing through so much suffering"


Mother: "Yes?"

Child: "Let's send love, hope and strength to our ancestors at that time. I want them to know I love and appreciate them so much. I wish they could see our beautiful, amazing world now."

Mother: "They feel your love my child, and will certainly appreciate your strength and heart-felt hope. I know this will give them courage to continue and shine their love and wisdom onto their world."

"And guess what? (Mother smiles). They succeeded my child because we are sitting here now." Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew is a Transference Practitioner, Teacher & Mystery School Initiate. Helping others to re-connect to their Divine Nature, heal and evolve in body & consciousness and return to a state of love and wellness through multi-dimensional healing & soul coaching.

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