Monthly Alchemical Meditation -
Attuning to Amethyst Crystal

Working with the frequencies & teachings of Transference Healing

Location - our sacred seaside space overlooking the Pacific Ocean

 In this months meditation, we attune to the metaphysical and healing properties of Amethyst Crystal and understand how it supports our spiritual awakening and healing process.


Investment: $30


In Person or Absentee attendance



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Time & Location


4:30pm - 6:00pm (AEST - QLD time),

Sunday 20th October


Tugun, Gold Coast
(full address will emailed upon RSVP or booking)

Location of our meditation event, Tugun seaside - supported by the elements of nature

About this Event
What is this meditation event about?


In this meditation we will be working with the frequencies and procedures of Transference Healing. Andrew & Lily suspend you in a sacred space, whilst weaving through healing frequencies that go beyond just a relaxing meditation.


This month we will be working with the crystal Amethyst, and attuning to its metaphysical and healing properties. Amethyst works with awakening the 3rd eye, enhancing creative thinking and strengthening our spiritual powers.

It is also a wonderful crystal for transmuting and releasing negative energies, or negative mind-sets as it resonates with the powerful Divine Violet Flame.

This meditation would be perfect if you:


  • Wish to activate the 3rd eye to awaken spiritual gifts and powers of intuitive insight;

  • Need to let go of stress in the mind, or any negativity that has been impacting you recently;

  • Wish to make a deeper connection to the crystals and understand how they support your healing.



These meditation events help you to feel more relaxed, release old mental stress and build-up of mental pain, release old emotions and help you make a shift in your consciousness. Our participants always comment how much lighter, connected and revitalised they feel after each event. That's because we channel healing frequencies throughout to enable a powerful shift in consciousness and lift your vibration.


Participate either In Person or Distant


Wish to join in, but can't make it in person? No problem! Join us from your location! 


Wherever you are in the world, you have the option to participate distantly and receive the healing frequencies & channelled wisdom at your own space & in your own time.


Whilst you are suspended in a 7th dimensional healing space, your energy is not limited by time or space. Therefore, participation to our Events distantly, i.e. anywhere in the world, is as powerful as being here in person. 


For Distant Participants: You will be called in energetically on the night to receive the healing frequencies & channelling filtered through during the LIVE event. An audio recording will be emailed to you after the Event. If you require a CD, this can be posted to you at a fee of $5.


I hope you feel drawn to join in!





Phone: please ring or text Andrew on 0435 624 951


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Limited spaces available. RSVP essential by Saturday 19th October.



RSVP & Cancellation

Due to limited spaces, and the time & energy involved in creating this event, we would respectfully ask that all those who RSVP to attend, are committed to attending. If you need to cancel for any reason, please allow 24 hours notice, so that we can offer the spare space to another person on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you!

Energy Healing Practitioner

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Tugun, Gold Coast,

Queensland, 4224

This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd  – ACN 121 645 047.

Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.