Does this sound like you?

  • Regularly exercise - go to the gym, or do yoga and other such activities;

  • Are conscious about what you eat, and try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet;

But...still feel stressed in life and suffer from 1 or more of the following:

  • Feeling emotionally sensitive and find yourself drained easily, especially by negative people;

  • Seem to attract karmic relationships where you are easily triggered by what others do or say;

  • Can overthink at times, getting anxious about life. Or even stress or tension headaches at times;

  • Sometimes can't seem to shift your life circumstances and create more positive outcomes in life;

  • Still suffer from health issues, even though you exercise regularly and eat well.

So what's missing???

Whilst exercising regularly and eating well certainly contribute to a healthy and happy life, it's only part of the picture. It is in fact our emotional well-being that really delegates the majority of our health and happiness.

Our emotional health is largely delegated by the navel chakra, the glands and their hormonal secretions. It is such a complex system of the body, and not very well understood by science or the medical community.

The trouble is, we can carry a lot of suppressed emotions, emotional wounding and other limiting distortions within our emotional and energetic bodies. This is a result of an inability to FEEL lower emotions, or suppression, either in this lifetime, or past lifetimes. We all carry emotional wounding and limiting though patterns to some degree or another.

It's when we are unable to FEEL, release and purify these distortions and genetic pain, that keeps us stuck, unhappy and unhealthy in our present lives.

What's the solution?

To maintain a consistent level of wellness, emotional balance and contentment in life, we must regularly clear, shift and release old emotional pain and limiting thought patterns, including genetic pain and weakness. But sometimes this emotional pain and suppression is held so deeply within our energetic patterning and genetic makeup, so how do we heal & release this?

Transference Healing - the missing key

Let me introduce you to Transference Healing. A 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension modality. It is through frequency healing, that we can tap into the deepest aspects of your energetic makeup, and Soul, to enable a truly wholistic healing on all 4 planes - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By delving deeply into the etheric body, Transference Healing does not diagnose, but rather goes to the root cause of dis-ease, helping to release any pain, suppression and disharmony from the body and consciousness. Especially long held emotional pain, either from this lifetime, or previous life-times.

When you can release emotional pain and suppression at the deepest levels of your Being, you will discover a new-found sense of joy, happienss and more emotional balance birthing within your life.


These are potential benefits, from receiving frequency healing -

  • A sense of more balance, ease and flow birthing in your life;

  • Start to resolve karmic relationships, healing triggers and positive emotional growth;

  • Start to feel less impacted by others thoughts and feelings towards you;

  • Seeing the bigger picture in life, and understanding the deeper meaning of circumstances, positive and negative;

  • Start to achieve more wholistic and lasting wellness, understanding that emotions contribute to the majority of your overall state of health.

What's involved in a healing session?

A Transference healing session is gentle, yet profound. It is a heart felt and relaxing experience whereby the multi-dimensional frequencies are channelled into your body & consciousness.


You receive:

  • 1 - 1.5hr session either in person (Tugun, Gold Coast) if local, or distance healing (if not local)

  • Channelled, intuitive reading after the healing identifying key healing areas for you and allowing you to see the 'bigger picture' (if distance healing, you will receive a Skype call and recorded reading)

  • Lightbody theraputic essence - to support the healing integration over the coming weeks (sent by post if distance healing)

As Transference Healing works on an energetic level, there is no physical contact during the healing, and this is why it is as effective done by distance healing also.