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Ethereal Alchemy was created to support you in your journey of self healing and spiritual empowerment.


Are you looking to reconnect to the truth of who you are, living in a state of health, happiness and higher realities, whilst incarnated here on Earth?


Step in and explore this site, and let me share with you the amazing healing and ascension modality of Transference Healing®.

Frequency Healing

Experience a profound, 7th dimensional frequency healing session. Learn how Transference Healing® can bring positive and life changing shifts in your life.


Are you looking to maintain more health, emotional stability and joy? Or are you curious to know how frequency healing can empower all aspects of your life?

Workshops & Training

Anyone can learn how to run frequency healing to support themselves and loved ones, through the modality of Transference Healing®.


This is an amazing gift to give yourself and allows you to step in and start your own self mastery and healing process.

Space Clearing & Healing

Does your home/environment need an 'energetic spring clean?' Click below to find out more -


Check out our upcoming events.


Tam - Gold Coast

"...I never imagined I could ever experience such an energy from a distance healing"

"My energy levels increased, and I didn't feel so anxious in the weeks after my healing"

K.W. - England

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Tugun, Gold Coast, QLD, 4224


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Energy Healing Practitioner

Tugun, Gold Coast,

Queensland, 4224

This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd  – ACN 121 645 047.

Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.