Frequency Healing

Frequency Healing Tugun Gold Coast

How can frequency healing help me?

The Earth and humanity are at a critical time of evolution and new opportunities.

In our busy, modern lives, it can be very easy for our body and consciousness to build up stress and become unbalanced.

We can be impacted by Lightbody Symptoms which may not respond well to conventional treatments. Transference Healing® works on the etheric patterning of the body and also with the Lightbody (electromagnetic body). It can therefore weave the necessary frequencies, elements and Light into the body to sustain ongoing wellness and initiate profound healing on all levels.

What is unique about Transference Healing is that it doesn't just work on one level (eg emotional, or physical). Rather, it weaves through technology, prana, light and frequencies (to name a few) and brings through a truly divine and alchemical healing response within the recipient. This allows for the decoding of old pain and suppression from the body and consciousness. When we receive a healing in a state of surrender, this allows for the decoding of that which no longer serves us, making way for new, refined frequencies to birth and anchor within our being. Put simply, we encode newfound levels of health, emotional joy and stability, deeper levels of love and inner knowing.

We work with many people from all walks of life, and there is no prerequisite in order to receive a healing or learn how to run Transference Healing for yourself. This healing modality is firmly grounded in universal principals, which support the healing & co-creation of our multi-dimensional selves here on Earth.

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Further Information About Healing Appointments

Preparation & Cancellation Fees

​Booking in for a Transference Healing session can be exciting, yet daunting at the same time.

Know that as soon as you commit to a healing, that you are sending a message to Spirit that you are ready to make a positive healing shift in your life. Therefore stay open to the Universe in the lead up to the healing appointment, as people may sometimes experience, emotional release, challenging circumstances or even physical symptoms. Know that this is all perfect and is the Universe calling up energies in your life that are ready to be purified and healed.

If you have any concerns in the days prior to your appointment, please call or email me to discuss. Some people may even feel resistant to the healing appointment, and this is natural too. Just know that you are breaking through limitations and fear, and by committing to attend no matter what, you are sending a strong signal to the Universe that you are ready to make a profound and positive shift in your life.

A healing appointment is a Divine process, so consider carefully before cancelling or re-booking a session. Even if you are feeling unwell, over-whelmed etc, please try to honour the session and turn up. This in itself is a powerful healing opportunity for you.

Of course, if it's totally unavoidable, or an emergency, then that's okay to cancel. However, try to re-arrange a new healing session within 7 days, or consider receiving a distance healing. If you are unable to comply, then a cancellation fee will be incurred.

Cancellation Fees

  • No show, or no advance notice of cancellation given - 75% of session cost

  • Up to 24 hours notice - 50% of session cost

  • Up to 72 hours notice - 25% of session cost

Payment Options

  • Bank transfer (email me for details)

  • Cash (on the day if attending in person)

  • Paypal (use the links on this website)

  • Debit/credit card if attending in person (we have a card machine)

Further Information About Distance Healings

Payment - please ensure that payment is received preferably 24 hours before the appointment time, or latest before the session starts.

Preparation - it is preferable to be in a quiet, relaxed space whilst receiving your Distance Healing. Turn your phone off, let others know that you will need some quiet, undisturbed time and be open to receiving the Divine healing frequencies. If it is unavoidable, it's okay to be going about daily tasks whilst receiving the healing, however by creating quiet time for yourself, this is sending a message to Spirit that you are open and committed to your healing journey. Please avoid driving or operating heavy machinery when receiving a healing, as you can get quite altered.