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It's my birthday month in June, so as a big thank you to you...I'm offering huge discounts off healing sessions. So whether this is your first time experiencing a session, or you're a regular book today as spaces will be limited.

Offer available for all sessions booked & paid on/before 30th June 2024. 

Birthday Healing Offer - Transference Healing

Take a step on your healing and self-mastery journey today, by booking one of the healing sessions below.

These healing sessions are facilitated from my sacred healing space at Tugun, Gold Coast.

Each session below can also be facilitated as a Distance Healing session.

If you prefer alternative payment details (bank transfer/cash), please send me an email to book you healing session  HERE

NB: once your online payment is received, I will contact you (within 12-24hrs) to schedule a mutually convenient day/time. Or alternatively, you may email me with your preferred days/times.

Sessions are usually available from Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5:30pm AEST
(Healing sessions may be scheduled outside these times occasionally by request) 

Healing Sessions Available

Beyond Doorways Healing

'Beyond Doorways' Transference Healing Session

45 min session  |  $45 AUD   

$80 AUD

What you receive:


  • 30 min Transference Healing session;

  • 15 min channelled feedback & healing summary.

This healing initiates alchemy within the body & consciousness to begin shifting imbalances, physical symptoms and more. This session is great if you are in need of a 'shift' in your life, perhaps are feeling depleted, tired or 'stuck' and wish to release density, mental stress or emotional burden in order to feel lighter and more aligned in body, mind, spirit & Soul.

Advanced Transference Healing

Advanced Transference Healing Session

1.5hr session  |  $100 AUD   

$180 AUD

What you receive:


  • 1hr Fundamental & Advanced Transference Healing session;

  • 30-45 min channelled feedback & healing summary.

This is the main healing session offered and most comprehensive. It works with over 50 different healing procedures to weave through a complex, alchemical and powerful healing response in the body & consciousness. It is a very gentle and heart-felt experience. It also works with advanced procedures including Lightbody technology to awaken higher aspects of your DNA, genetics and crystalline/etheric templates. 

Transference Healing Etheric Body Banner

Further Details About Transference Healing Sessions

What to expect on the day

The session starts with a brief introduction to Transference Healing, and also to discuss any intentions you wish to set for the session. Transference Healing is performed on a frequency level, meaning that no body contact is required. All that is required of you, is to relax, and allow the healing frequencies to work their magic. The sessions are normally done sitting opposite each other. However, for those who find it difficult to sit for an extended period of time, it is possible to lie on the floor if this is more comfortable.

The Healing Session

Once you are relaxed, we start the healing session which runs for the appointed time as listed in the different sessions above. I normally start the session with a brief guided meditation to bring you into a relaxed, heart-space. Gentle, relaxing music is normally played to help guide you into a deep and receptive space.

In this time you may experience feelings of deep relaxation and some people may even sense colour, light or sound as the healing frequencies weave into your body & consciousness. No matter what you feel, know that this Divine healing process is working deeply on your etheric levels.

Chanelled Reading & Feedback

Once the healing is complete, you will receive a channelled reading & healing feedback is provided, including any tips or suggestions to further support your healing and self-mastery. You may receive a recording of the healing feedback if you wish, for future reference.

After the healing session

Alchemy has been initiated within your body & consciousness, and a shift of consciousness made when you receive a Transference Healing session. Therefore, stay open to the Universe in the following days and weeks after the session. Some people may experience a release of emotions, changes in energy levels, or even physical detox symptoms. Know that whatever you experience in the days following the healing is perfect, and all part of the process of healing and shifting your vibration so that your energy field may resonate on a whole new level.

For further information about healing sessions, including cancellation policy, click here

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