Animal Magic Shamanic Totem Reading

Psychic Reading & Energy Forecast for your next 12 months

Animal Magic Totem Readings

Investment: $85


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Receive Your Totem Reading In Person (Tugun, Gold Coast), or by Skype:

  • In person - receive your Animal Magic Shamanic Totem Reading in my sacred healing space located in Tugun, Gold Coast.

  • By Skype - can't make it in person, no problem. Receive your Totem Reading by Skype in the comfort of your own home.

  • This is a great opportunity to become conscious of, and work with the animal kingdoms for deeper awareness, spiritual growth and healing in 2020 and beyond. It provides an insight into the energies and opportunities available to you over the coming months, how to master more through your soul journey and the healing aspects each animal brings to your life.


You will receive:


  • A channelled, personal Totem Reading;

  • CD or MP3 Recording of the channelling;

  • A separate, Personal Meditation - following the reading, you will receive a personal meditation to help you connect with the 3 totem animals. This meditation can be listened back to at any time when you wish to make a re-connection to your totem animal guides;

Sacred Totem Readings - Tugun, Gold Coast

In various indigenous and shamanic cultures, at key times in life, we would take a journey of discovery into nature. At this powerful time, we would go out on our own, for an extended period of time, to connect with Mother Gaia. Through inner reflection and connection to the realms of nature, we would be given an opportunity to discover our Totem Animal or Spirit. On returning to the community, we would be recognised for our newfound Totem, and this would stay with us for life.

Fast forward to our present day, and our current rapid evolution into the 5th dimensional reality, we are now integrating our spiritual lessons at a much faster rate. Therefore when we attune to our Totem Animals, they can change over our lifetime as we integrate their teachings and wisdom.

Within Transference Healing, we attune to different Totem Animals as often as every 6-12 months.

With so many external changes occurring in 2020, it's a very powerful time to receive an Animal Magic Shamanic Totem Reading. This reading will bring through the wisdom and teachings of the animals that you will be attuning to, and working with over the next 6-12 months.

Through divination, we connect to 3 specific cards from either the Earth Animals, Elemental Beings, or Mythical Beings. This reading attunes you to -

  1. Female Power Totem - this is the Animal or Elemental that will be working with your feminine energies. This is the more internal, intuitive, emotional and psychic aspects of self.

  2. Male Power Totem - this is the Animal or Elemental that will be working with your masculine energies. This is the more outward, driving force, physical self and logical mind of the self.

  3. Unity Mastership Card - this is a Mythical Being. It gives yo the opportunity to master more their teachings of spiritual empowerment. It creates an opportunity for you to self master more and go through spiritual initiations for growth and expansion.