8:8 Lion's Gate Portal -
Activation & Crystal Healing

Healing sessions available in person - Tugun, Gold Coast

Investment: $135 AUD


Availabe Session Dates:

1st August - 12th August;

(Limited availability -8th August, the powerful 8:8 Day)


8:8 Lion's Gate Activation & Crystal Healing Session


The Lion's Gate Portal is a potent time of opportunity, initiation and healing. On the 26th July, the Galactic New Year starts, when two suns rise, our Solar Sun, and Sirius, the Blue Giant. This is the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal - a time when higher stellar frequencies and codes are filtered onto the planet, through Sirius and also Orion. The portal is then open until 12th August, with the 8th Aug, 8:8, being a particularly powerful day.


It's a time of initiation, and spiritual growth, where you have the opportunity to rapidly upgrade your life, step more into your power and receive Divine Love & Inspiration. You might be feeling the intensity of energies playing out in your life at this time, or the need to align more with your Higher Self.


This healing session helps to powerfully clear any symptoms or pain manifesting at this time. It aligns all your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies so that you can come into balance and receive the Lion's Gate activation - infusing you with Sirian and Orion frequencies to upgrade your DNA and Lightbody.

The energies are feeling so Divine and pure at this time, and when you receive this activation it will help you to overcome core limitations in your life, and step more into your courageous (Lion) Self.

You receive -

  • 45min - 1hr Alchemy & Crystal wand healing
    Initiating alchemy within body & consciousness to shift old patterning, and lift your vibration and consciousness into a higher state. This session includes powerful crystal wand healing that helps to shift core blocks and even unusual symptoms that may be manifesting.


  • 30min Cosmic Pentagram crystal gridding ritual
    This is a beautiful initiation received lying down in a pentagram crystal grid. Receive a Divine infusion of Stellar Light, particularly from Sirius, and activate your Lightbody for the upgrading of your DNA & genetic code. Receive a blessing from the Stars.


  • Channelled reading in support of this healing & activation, so that you can understand the deeper meaning of the circumstances playing out in your life, and the key healing messages relevant for your growth and ascension process.

  • Crystal 'Lightbody Essence' to take home, which supports the healing integrations and upgrades over the following weeks.


Energy Healing Practitioner

Tugun, Gold Coast,

Queensland, 4224

This practice is independently owned and operated by Andrew Grieve (Ethereal Alchemy ABN: 24 297 601 989) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd  – ACN 121 645 047.

Alexis Cartwright is the anchor, channel and founder of the Transference Healing® modality.