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21st December Solstice & Uluru Light Activation
Group Healing & Online Meditation

An Uluru/Pleiadian prophecy that ushers in a new beginning of higher consciousness and existence...

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Join this online group healing & meditation event being held on 21st December. Be suspended in the higher realms of Light for this sacred event and participate in a global unification ceremony through love and pure intent.

Bookings by 20th December

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As a participant of the 12:12 Group Healing Event,
receive $20 off if you book into this event

Energy Exchange: $50 AUD (normally $70)

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21st Dec Solstice & Uluru Light Activation Prophecy

This 21/12 solstice is set to be one to remember! For not only is it the solstice day of equal Light & Dark, but also a powerful alignment of astrological, cosmic and spiritual energies that are set to usher in a whole new Earth paradigm!


The Pleiadian Prophecy - It is said that the Pleiadians left a 'magic box' on Earth that would be activated at a critical time of Earth & humanity's evolution. If this magic box is successfully activated, it will create a powerful ripple of Light and higher frequency that will permanently lift Mother Gaia into a higher reality and frequency. 


Many are talking about the indigenous Elders of Australia, and in particular Uluru, being the important ceremonial guardians of this secret and sacred ritual. However, this ceremony requires the input from as many pure and heart-aligned Souls on this day for this activation to be successful. By joining this event, you are consciously choosing to participate in this global gathering of Lightworkers to help usher in this new Aqurian Age.


Summary of Event

Group Healing

You will receive a distance group healing to cleanse and purify your body, mind, emotions & Soul, while activating 'Light' within your Being for the alignment to these potent 21/12 energies.


Online Meditation

Following this group healing, in the evening, you will participate in an online meditation. This will help you attune and participate in the global Uluru Light Activation Ceremony which will assist you personally in raising your consciousness and pure heart frequencies, and also those of Mother Gaia.


Why Join This Event?


Many people are hearing the call to host events, meditations and ceremonies for this powerful 21/12 rebirth. All will assist Mother Gaia at this time to make a shift into a higher frequency which is wonderful.


What is unique about this event is that I will be supporting a deeper cleansing, purification and activation of Light-codes within your Being through the comprehensive group healing first. This healing runs for over 1hr creating alchemy (shifting of physical matter into a higher state) and Lightbody activation that supports a rapid shift and upgrade of consciousness & wellness.


By participating in this deep healing and cleansing first, it is creating a more pure vessel in you, that will support this global ceremony that requires our most pure and heart-aligned intentions to activate 

​What You Will Receive (Detailed)


A full, advanced Transference Healing session run on the group -

This will be done prior to the main meditation event. During this healing we will be connecting to the 21/12 solstice energies, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn and making an energetic connection to the powerful grid point of Uluru.


This healing session will be run at 12:00pm AEST as an absentee event, where I will call in all participants energetically to receive this healing and upgrade. Your etheric or energetic body is called into my templated and sacred healing space to receive the group healing. You are also connecting to this grid point in Australia to receive specific Light-coding for the upgrade of your body, DNA and Light-field. Once the healing is complete, your etheric/energetic body returns to your own physical location and I consciously 'ground' your energies back into your location.


You can receive this healing regardless of what you are doing at the appointed time. Your 'Higher Self' will delegate when/how you 'download' this healing upgrade into your body & consciousness. 


A video link will be provided shortly before 8pm which gives channelled feedback from the healing and delves into the key healing areas for the group and how this is relevant for you at this time.


Online alchemical meditation (attunement & activation) -

Then at 8pm AEST you will participate in a guided alchemical mediatation that will align you with the solstice, Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction and Uluru Light Activation Ceremony. This meditation is dedicated to support Mother Gaia, through the sacred grid portal of Uluru, to receive our pure intentions and love that the Pleiadian prophecy may be fulfilled. 


You will be supported to make an energetic connection to Uluru to receive and participate/give of pure love and Light codes that will support our Earth Mother to ascend in frequency and co-create our birthing Aquarian Golden Age of Light.


A link and password will be provided shortly before 8pm so that you can access the pre-recorded online meditation.​

This Event will be great for you to:

  • receive the energies of the Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction for personal expansion and upgrade;

  • heal and purify your body, mind, spirit and Soul to be a pure vessel for Light on this auspicious day;

  • energetically participate in this important global gathering of Light-focused Souls to co-create our new Golden Age;

  • create a deep state of rebirth and renewal with your body & consciousness through this 21/12 portal;


Click on the Buy Now button and you'll be taken to Paypal to complete your booking. Don't have a Paypal account? No problem. Once you're on the Paypal page, just click the 'Pay with a Card' button and you'll be able to pay with a debit/credit card without setting up a Paypal account.


You will receive an email confirmation of your booking within 24hrs.


Alternatively, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email me at


Thank you!​

Andrew - Ethereal Alchemy

December 2020 is a powerful time in our history and our spiritual evolution.

For some of you who have been on your spiritual journey these past years, this is the moment you have been in training, preparation and initiation for.

In December 2012, we experienced the Galactic Alignment, a pivotal time in Earth and humanity's evolution that ushered in the foundations for our birthing 5th dimensional (higher) reality.

Fast-forward to December 2020, and we and now truly anchoring into this 5D world, where a pivotal spiritual point is upon us, where our world will never be the same again.

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